IPSE Attends The Global Blockchain Investment Summit In Singapore: Better Search Better Future


On April 24th, the Global Blockchain Investment Summit, one of the world’s most influential summits, was held in Singapore. The summit invited elites from all over the world in Internet technology and finance, as well as relevant governments officials, they share the strategies and decisions of blockchain developing project teams and investors in a global perspective, explore blockchain and entrepreneurial frontier topics, share collaborative resources and identify potential opportunities.

The main topics and sub-forums of the conference as well as the exhibition covered all areas of technology such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet security, cross-border payment, distributed e-commerce, consumer finance, etc., all the focus topics have been comprehensive, in-depth and professional discussion. The overall atmosphere of the venue was very warm.


Silver Xie, chief architect of IPSE(InterPlanetary Search Engine)was invited to attend and gave the guests a keynote speech on “Valuable Traffic Flow Portal in the Blockchain Era” to explain the original design and business practice of IPSE to the industry and global media.

(IPSE chief architect ,Silver Xie,makes a speech at the summit. Photo by Bitsuper)

2019 is the year of the development of Blockchain and a key year for IPFS distributed technology. On the one hand, Filecoin’s mainnet is just around the corner, the storage equipment industry is changing, global cooperation is strengthening, and the industry chain is constantly merging. On the other hand, centralized services still monopolize the Internet, causing multiple privacy and security crises. How to apply distributed technology becomes the focus of attention and interaction. According to Silver Xie, “Distributed technology is the key technology for network and system security, fundamentally eliminating the control of the central server and single point of failuer, which in turn makes the network system qualitative.”

(Silver Xie talks about IPFS and IPSE. Photo by Bitsuper)

Silver said that a distributed system is a system of computer nodes that communicate through a network and coordinate work to accomplish common tasks. The goal is to use more machines to process more data. At the same time, under the support of blockchain technology, decentralization and non-tampering can be realized. Silver Xie emphasizes that “due to the multi-node distributed system and the topology of communication through the network, many problems that are not found in the single-machine system will be introduced. In order to solve these problems, more mechanisms and protocols will be needed,” he said,adding,“The most important one is the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). As a protocol, IPFS becomes the infrastructure of the Blockchain.”IPFS is a protocol and network designed to create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files.


However, the current Internet is not fully decentralized (centralization has its own advantages), especially in the search engine field, Google monopolizes 90% of the traffic, Baidu controls 70% of the china market share. They are all centralized search engines. Google has been punished by the European Union every year since 2015 due to monopoly and data security issues. Baidu’s Death of Wei Zexi was also pushed to the forefront. Despite the restrictions imposed by the law, the penalties are only a drop in the ocean compared to the profits of the giants. In this regard, only using distributed technology can solve the Internet’s ills from the bottom, so there is the first IPFS-based distributed search engine,IPPE (InterPlanetary Search Engine).

Silver Xie said, “In an ideal situation, there is distributed technology, but the facts are not ideal. The reason is that there are a large number of nodes in the distributed system, which requires strong fault tolerance. So you need to make redundancy mechanism. IPSE also uses encryption technology to avoid advertisement tracking and bad induction, and the user’s data is owned by the user.”

In addition to protecting the security of data, how does IPSE, as the first IPFS-based search engine, work with IPFS? Faced with such questions, Silver Xie explained, “IPFS provides the decentralized storage protocol, I believe Filecoin solves the problem of data security storage, and IPSE builds a search layer based on IPFS to provide users with services for retrieving IPFS files. Not only will IPFS resources be more abundant, but IPSE search will be more efficient. IPFS and IPSE are complementary. Both will become an important part of Web3.0.”

As the chief technical architect of IPSE, Silver Xie also proposed the concept of “M2M”. M2M is Machine to Machine, which means machine-to-machine connection. However, Silver has added new design thinking, M2M is actually the interconnection of “Public + Machine” to “Public + Machine”. With the machine, public will recapture data ownership and no longer rely too much on the centralized server matrix. “The advanced machine is not only for people (such as Steve Jobs)but also for the rest of ordinary people.” he said.

(Silver Xie at the IPSE booth. Photo by Bitsuper)

In addition, the summit also held an exhibition, which became the best window for the global users to know more about Blockchain industry. During the exhibition, Silver conducted an interactive discussion for the guests of the audience. At present, the Blockchain technology has penetrated into all kinds of fileds, and search engines are no exception. It is the general trend for IPSE to adopt distributed technology as a secure search engine.


It is reported that the number of booths at the exhibition has reached a new record, and the star team of the current blockchain industry has been invited. Including BitCherry, the world’s first distributed electronic business platform. Engine Miner,the world’s first intelligent Double-mining machine supporting IPFS and IPSE).The exhibition also brings together visitors and guests from all over the wolrd, they come from Russia, the United States, the Middle East and other regions.


Also present at the summit were John Mavrak, Chief Blockchain Economic Model Architect of IPSE,Former President of the World Trade Center,President of the Global Hotel Alliance; Khalfan AI Mazrouei, Chief Financial Planning Consultant of IPSE,Former royal secretary of the united Arab emirates; Ki Keun Koung, Kim Keun Koung,Chief Liaison Strategist of IPSE,Chairman of WTIA GROUP; Ender Xu, Chief Ecological Strategies Consultant of IPSE,Co-Chaiman of Hong Kong Blockchain  Association(HKBA),Founder of Hyperlink Capital, also known as Founder of Global Blockchain Investment Alliance.

( First left:Silver Xie;Second right: Mavrak.Summit photo by Bitsuper)

Another highlight of the summit was the roundtable forum. Ender Xu, IPSE’s Chief Ecological Strategies Consultant, participated in the roundtable topic “Seek the Investment Value of Blockchain” and brought a wonderful sharing. Ender Xu believes that the success of a project lies in three factors:Trend, Team and Landing (compliance, application scenario), and landing application is the development direction of the Blockchain.

(First left is Ender Xu at the roundtable forum.Photo by Bitsuper)

The evolution of blockchain technology is an opportunity for human history, developers and ordinary users. It pioneered the decentralization of the first, Bitcoin opened the door to fintech, technically subversive, but Bitcoin network is not perfect from commercial practice. Until the emergence of EOS and IPFS, the decentralization to distributed transformation was promoted. However, it is undeniable that Blockchain technology is still in the ascendant stage and has not yet reached the mainstream form of Internet technology. The road is long and difficult, but the journey cannot be abandoned. Technically, Blockchain technology such as IPFS is needed to continuously deepen and build the underlying system. In terms of application, developers need to practice highly, build applications based on the system, serve the public, and also need visionary investors to create social value to obtain higher latitude returns. The majority of users should be cautious about the old network form, and give the necessary affirmation and support for new technologies and new applications. Finally, the entire Blockchain industry, the talent pool is insufficient, it is necessary to continuously identify talents, improve skills, demand the global cooperation and promote the sustainable development of Blockchain and even Internet technology and finance.

(Ender Xu says Big Thank You to everyone at the end of the summit)

At the end of the summit, Ender Xu, the founder of the Global Blockchain Investment Alliance, expressed his gratitude to the audience and guests of the summit, which ended the summit. “Thank you everyone.We will do all we can to ensure a new and better future to us.”