IOB LLC Acquires Significant Stake in Regulated Financial Company in UK

Wilmington, DE (March 14, 2018) – IOB llc announced signing an agreement to acquire significant stakes in Kession Capital (FRN 582160), an FCA-regulated company based in London, to expand its portfolio of regulated financial businesses worldwide, laying the first stone of the foundation for a global regulated blockchain-based financial transaction system.


Yale ReiSoleil, CEO of IOB llc, said: “The global financial system is due for a major overhaul. We are building a new open-source, permissioned, secure, decentralized and distributed global finance blockchain that over time will be transformed into a world mesh system for all forms of financial transactions: Equity issuance, debt issuance, P2P, corporate finance, investment banking, equity trading, debt trading, crypto trading, loan originating, trading clearing, custodial services etc. All are on the public ledger through the most comprehensive financial smart contracts.”


“Kession Capital has been one of the earliest ‘traditional’ financial companies in the world that recognized the importance of the emerging technology from crowdfunding to blockchain enabled systems and has worked with the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) and the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX). Under Mr. Kessler’s leadership, Kession has established itself as London’s ‘go-to company’ for financial companies seeking crypto fintech solutions. We’re excited and look forward to working together with the Kession team to build the ONE Finance Network (The Mesh).” Mr. ReiSoleil added.


By partnering with top technology companies, investing in regulated financial companies, law firms accounting and other compliance-related firms worldwide, and help them build applications on the Mesh, IOB is enabling all financial transactions, from small peer-to-peer payments to hundred-million-dollar corporate finance deals, on the distributed ledger with full local and international compliance, at a fraction of the time and cost compared with the current financial system.


To build a distributed financial network, IOB llc is initially investing in regulated, licensed and legal broker-dealers, trading systems and clearing agents in the US, UK and Germany, IOB llc to bring together an alliance of regulated entities to facilitate a global platform across multiple jurisdictions for trading, corporate finance, funds, accelerators and building of sustainable pathways for the future and supporting the needs of forward thinking jurisdictions.


Mike Kessler, CEO of Kession Capital Ltd, said: “We are delighted to be working side by side with IOB llc in developing a transformational platform to enable tokenised securities to become the new norm in the financial ecosystem. By working with preferred partners in Europe and around the world Kession together with IOB is looking at becoming synonymous with tokenised securities and offering the platform of choice to building a tokenised financial future.”


About IOB LLC:

IOB llc (IOB) is a Delaware limited liability company set up to build the world’s first multi-jurisdiction-compliant public financial blockchain, the ONE Financial Network (the Mesh). IOB has raised $18 mm through a private sale of IOB security tokens, and is currently preparing its Interactive Crypto Offerings™ (ICOs) in both the US and Germany underscoring its ‘same taken, multiple offerings’ strategy. IOB llc has branch offices in the US, China and Germany.


About Kession Capital Limited:

Kession ( was founded in 2012 and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. With the extensive experience of working in the UK financial services regulatory regime, Kession has become a market leader in providing regulatory, financial services, crypto and RegTech solutions to companies within the UK, Europe and Asia.



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