Investment fund innovation platform – IVIC


At the end of 2017, the digital currency, led by bitcoin, and its underlying technology blockchain, suddenly became a phenomenon. Hasten to the people of all sorts of rich myths, let if attached, even last September regulation called ICO directly, but only brought industry short wave, popular block chain, especially digital currency in domestic Internet and relevant circles, has become more common.

According to the relevant data, the number of people participating in the speculation is as high as 3 million, and the world has accumulated tens of millions of COINS, which is still increasing. As an example, the number of registered users has reached 4 million as of January 4, with a daily turnover of more than 10 billion dollars. And the latest data show that Coinbase, one of the world’s largest digital currency trading platforms, has now reached 13.3 million users.



Starting in 2018, the blockchain has become the first “air vent”, in quotation marks, in a manner that is confusing to the mind.

“Twenty years from now, people will talk about bitcoin as they do today, and 100% of transactions will be done on the blockchain.”

Similarly optimistic predictions, like the virus, spread and spread in the investment world, creating an unexpected orgy.

There is even a comment: “blockchain is the ninth biggest miracle in the world”. There is no such thing as a blockchain that will bring such vast possibilities for future social change.


IVIC aims to make investors more profitable by sharing the financial and mutual funds and adopting blockchain technology. The wide use of blockchain technology brings unique features to the system provided by this paper, which enables the real investment banking chain to achieve a new level of reliability and process management. Due to the availability of automation and reliability, IVIC is a huge opportunity for those who believe in the technological progress of this project.

Investment fund financial innovation platform, is committed to building a block chain of financial innovation investment fund, the world, the password of the world business model based the obvious trend of ruling with platform together with the possibility of new technology. Its emergence will help hone the investment bank’s spear attack market, making the IVIC fund one of the most profitable financial instruments.

We firmly believe that technology is taking place in the wave will lead people to reach more freedom, equality, and the promise of life block chain as one of important technology, will become more and more emitting its unique luster and energy. It is our greatest happiness and achievement that we can participate and invest in it.

At present, the block chain technology, many projects have actually started to be applied, just like the vigorous young people, with respect to the growth law under the premise of solid, step-by-step cultivation gradually mature gradually.

The technology is neutral, but it is human nature to decide the direction and outcome of the technology, and how the block chain and digital currency will develop in the future depends on the values and civilization of the manipulators.