International Financial Group PST(Point source treasure ) will be launched soon


According to the Reuters, Associated Press, New media, Agence France-Presse newspaper, and The European Times report:International Financial Group PST (Point Source Treasure) will be launched in the near future. Financial management platform, the group’s financial business Conduct Equity opening investment, is reportedly PST Financial management platform which has been developed after more than 2 years of preparation by than 40 engineers. The engineers worked for more than 700 days and nights and the operation will be announced in November 2018.

PST Group (Point source treasure) was founded in 1927. Having assets worth more than 12000 billion US dollars, the group’s management funds exceed 1 trillion dollars. The group has 1200 salesmen worldwide, covering nearly 5000 institutional investor clients. The group’s stock research covers 6128 listed companies, including 2362 Asian companies.

PST is a multinational financial service institution, having presence in more than 60 countries, and their services include investment banks, financial transaction processing, investment management, commercial financial services, network information, hotel management, mineral management, department store retail, e-commerce and other services.

PST Financial management platform, through the Singapore HKMA (MAS) approval, Temasek (Singapore Treasury holdings) participation in investment, has established a risk margin account and a capital custody agreement at UBS, and it is the world’s first UBS fund trusteeship split financial project.

Accompanied by PST‘s robust collaboration with its national team, Vice president of YAHOO, Jeffrey Revoy, made heavy investments in many consortiums and international investment hedge funds. Top teams and institutions in many countries and regions around the world have already availed PST’s services. Wall Street Investment Bank showed great interest in PST financial projects, which are active in the market, has made way for capital entrance for many investors with great potential, and the ability of the group to resist risks is strong.

Vice president of the World Bank, Lan Goldin, said, “PST’s ‘Subversion and Innovation’ International financial management mode will bring ‘Inclusive finance’ to the world. The unicorn industry of an international financial management platform has been quietly born. The birth of platform marks a new beginning. In the next few years, whatever big changes occur in the financial market, I am quite confident that it is difficult to surpass PST. We will continue to pay attention to the related developments and reports of PST.”