Instructions and Tips of ETH Snatch Released


Currently,with rapid devaluation of ETH, the remaining balance is becoming useless. Taking the issues of value maintenance and balance use into consideration,a game has been developed based on blockchain,providing all the partners with a great opportunity to multiple the returns in the bear market. The rules are as follows:



The platform sets up a prize pool through smart contracts, and each user is given a lucky number after investment.

Each issue through the public calculation formula to generate the winning number, matching success is winning.

The ETH award will be automatically distributed to the wallet address you used for betting


the Prize time


Each issue will be open at any time.

For example, the room prize pool is 3 ETH. When the prize pool reaches 3 ETH, the prize will be opened immediately

The next interval counts down to 5 minutes


Investment way


First, users should have their own digital currency wallet tool, and then copy the address of the prize pool generated automatically after the start of each game to recharge the ETH, registering the lucky number

(1) For each bet amount of 0.01ETH, one lucky number assigned sequentially on the Ethereum chain will be obtained, and multiple lucky Numbers generated by the order of 0.01 will be obtained by betting multiple times of 0.01.

Such as: 0.01 gets the number 1, 0.05 gets the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more Numbers.

(2) Only two decimal places are reserved for each bet amount (e.g. 0.01324 only gets 1 lucky number)


Awards and distribution proportion


1 first prize: the first valid bet will receive 10% of the total amount of the prize pool in the current period as a reward

2 lucky prize: the winner with the lucky number receives 80% of the total amount of the prize pool in the current period

  1. Bonus fee: the room owner will receive 5% of the accumulated amount of the current bonus pool as a reward

4 commission charge: the platform will deduct 5% of the accumulated amount of the prize pool for this period


The Prize formula


No one can tamper with the intelligent contract of ethereum. The user can check the contract address record of current prize pool at any time. The specific formula is illustrated as follows:

Take the last valid investment when the pool is full


The last eight digits of TxHash and the cumulative number of shares in the current prize pool are remainder and then added 1

For example:(47314491/500)+1=492


Tip: the cumulative effective share is a dynamic value. For example, the amount of a prize pool in a certain period of the room is 5ETH, and the allocation number of the whole prize pool is 1-500. When the remaining prize pool is 0.03ETH, the last valid bet amount is 0.05ETH.The total number of valid copies will be more than 500, and the total number is 502.


PS: After reading the rules, similarities to crowdfunding can be found, but the last winners are the lucky dogs, nevertheless,it is to throw out a minnow to catch a whale. During current rough markets,it is worthwhile to give it a go with bits of ETH and little loss. In the meanwhile, once favored by fortune,a whole lot of money can be made, so why not have a try?


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