Initiate World Cultural& Recreation Brand Alliance to Build the Big-IP of Cultural Tourism Industry


Recently, World Cultural& Recreation Brands Alliance (WCRA), a platform of global culture and tourism IP resources, was established in Beijing. Supported by World Leisure Org which enjoys a status of consultation in United Nations, it cooperates with World-class Quality Brands Alliance, and American, Italian, French, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, and Benelux embassies in China and chambers of commerce. It is a joint economic organization with many well-known recreation IP resources as its alliance and initiated by Riverside Group and other cultural tourism organizations. Headquartered in Beijing, it was registered under Chinese government.
It is introduced that the development of cultural tourism is the core business of this alliance. Its businesses involve the global IP brands in many fields, including culture creation, animation, game, amusement park, parent-child and travel. Aiming at building the big-IP of global cultural tourism to protect the intellectual property rights of global recreation brands and develop cultural tourism and leisure industry, this alliance will end this chaotic era where current cultural tourism industries rivaling with each other and the whole industry is in a mess.
Ouyang Jinsen, the executive director and secretary-general of WCRA, told reporters that cultural tourism is the carrier, cultural recreation is resource, tourism is the demand and entertainment is content. After the initiate of the alliance plan, it will accumulate the superior culture and recreation program and IP resources around the world on the basis of domestic cultural tourism industry. Based on the alliance, taking resources as capital will greatly promote the development of culture, business, tourism, consumption, transportation, real estate and other comprehensive services in related regions in China to form a chain of tourism industry, including food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and purchase. Ouyang Jinsen said that the alliance will gradually establish the core advantage as the leading organization to Chinese cultural tourism industry in one or two years. On the basis of the vigorously promotion of national policies, it will cooperate with related institutions to set up the new standards concerning the development of cultural tourism and form an industry pattern which the culture, tourism, entertainment and consumption can achieve integration development.
It’s known that the first council of World Cultural& Recreation Brands Alliance in China has been established in Beijing. Currently, Ms. Critina Ortega Nuere (Chief Operating Officer of World Leisure Organization), Mr. Arnold Obermayr (Cultural Counselor of Austrian Embassy in China), Mr. Jyri Lintunen (News and Cultural Counselor of Finland Embassy in China), Mr.Tadeusz Chomicki (Ambassador of Foreign Minister in Poland) and many ambassadors in other countries have reached a partnership relationship; the aim is to establish global resource sharing think tank to promote the healthy development of global superior cultural tourism and recreation brands and IP programs
European Commission delegation to China, MR. Nicolas Dandois, Law Counselor of Italian Embassy in China, Mr. Federico Antonelli, and other people highly praised the alliance.
Nowadays, cultural industry rises sharply and becomes a new value of China’s economic development; meanwhile, it is also a new economic momentum that has advanced the whole industry during the period of 13th Five-Year Plan. A “new blue ocean” is taking place. The chairman attaches greater importance on the construction of cultural industry and proposes the spirit that “culture carries the morality, appearance expresses spirit, culture knows truth and culture educated people”, guiding the direction for industrial development.
The data of National Tourism Administration shows that the investment of China’s tourism keeps in strong growth in 2015. The total investment is 1007.2 billion Yuan in the whole year, with a year-on-year growth of 42% and an increase of 10 percent points to last year. In history, it is the first breakthrough over trillion Yuan. Tourism has become an important driving force to promote economic growth and expand consumption supply. It is reported that China’s cultural tourism is expecting to reach 30 trillion to 50 trillion Yuan in ten years, equivalent to 73% GDP (67.67 trillion Yuan) in 2015. According to the date in recent years, China’s domestic tourism revenue rose from 2.6 trillion Yuan in 2013 to 3 trillion Yuan in 2014, and it has reached 4 trillion Yuan in 2015. However, at present, China’s per capita GDP has reached 9600 US dollars and a new tourism era is coming. We can call it, “An era of full support and an industry of playing.”
In September 2016, the Ministry of Culture issued the Opinions on Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of the Culture and Recreation Industry which put forward the opinions on the standardization and standardization of the culture and recreation industry to form brand and scale effect. Besides, the 2017 government work report also mentioned culture and recreation industry. “Promote model creation service industry and cross-border integration, and develop some new emerging consumption of medical and care integration and culture creation. Improve tourism facilities and services, and vigorously develop countryside, leisure and global tourism, and expand information consumption, like digital family and on-line education.” Under this policy, the chains concerning sports, tourism, leisure and culture release a huge consumptive power. With the profound changes of global economy and the increasingly growth of China’s economic downward pressure, the cultural tourism industry is more powerful together with culture and recreation industry, showing vigorous and sustained development. It no wonders that people exclaim its broad prospects.
Professionals believe that the development of tourism industry cannot be separated from the support of entertainment, and the cultural tourism industry will be the incubator of culture and recreation brand. Under the background of the development of cultural tourism industry, the IP resources of culture and recreation will be the core competitiveness of cultural tourism industry. The establishment of the platform of WCRA is bound to attract great attention of various industries. This is also means that China’s cultural tourism industry will have more culture and recreation platforms for creation and revolution. Through this platform, it enables to unite many leaders, enterprises and united powers in various fields to achieve collaborative development, create a new platform for ecological business model and advance deep industry integration. This platform plays an important role in the transformation and upgrading, pattern reshaping, business innovation of cultural tourism industry.
With the promotion of policies, the chains concerning sports, tourism, leisure and culture release a huge consumptive power. With the profound changes of global economy and the increasingly growth of China’s economic downward pressure, the cultural tourism industry still develops against the current, showing vigorous and sustained development. It no wonders that people exclaim its broad market prospects.