INC Community All Set to Launch New Financial Product ‘Polymorphic Digital Assets’


In a bid to create an ideal free market financial system which would enable all the involved parties to minimize the risk and cost of Bitcoin trading, INC Community in the Asia Pacific region is going to launch polymorphic digital assets – a new financial product.

China, 5th April

INC Community, a community of investors, traders and financial market researchers, recently announced that they are going to launch a new financial product – polymorphic digital assets. The product, which was created in an interflow chain defined by the developers, was designed for the ideal free market financial system, the developers claimed. At a recent press conference held in China, the developers brought forth the interflow chain whitepaper for the investors and stakeholders. The ICO token would soon get listed on an exchange, they informed.

The developers also maintained that the polymorphic digital assets product was developed on the first open-source protocol which was created by Bitcoin developers. According to them, the new financial product can help investors and market researchers to track the value of precious metals, dollar and other currencies and the holders can gain the advantages while avoiding the potential risks from the counterparties.

“The interflow chain has actually expanded the basic Bitcoin technology, and it will deliver many conventional monetary functions such as checking accounts, broking tools that can be used with the Bitcoin as well as common financial assets. Also, the primary elements of a successful exchange chain were used by our developers when they created the interflow chain, and the resultant financial product which we are going to launch soon”, said a spokesperson for INC Community.

While talking about the objectives of developing a new financial product which uses the old Bitcoin technology, the INC spokesperson said that their primary objective was to create a truly free digital financial system that would enable asset owners to trade their assets without the help of the middlemen.

“We wanted to retain the functions of the free financial system to make the market go beyond the tenets of geographical and political manipulation and control. We are also in the process of integrating traditional exchanges as well as financial services and we will ensure that all parties involved in the ideal free market financial system enjoy equal status. Principle of trust and principle of ease of use are the two guiding principles”, added the spokesperson.

About the Company

INC in the Asia Pacific Region is a forum created by Bitcoin developers, investors and market researchers.