imTokenMax – Next generation of Defi


A report by McKinsey, a world-class leading consulting and management company, stated that the underlying technology behind the digital currency revolution will create more than 50 trillion USD in new technologies by 2025.

In order to fulfill the need of rapid development of economic globalization and deep integration of global finance, Ethereum, which is ranked second in crypto market as “King of Applications”is planned to fully integrate with imTokenmax’s new financial strategy. ImTokenMax (IX) is committed to build a DApp that integrates distributed dynamic multi-chain technology and contract crowdfunding that to set the industry’s benchmark for crowdfunding contracts and its integration

IX contract crowdfunding is a safer and more efficient crowdfunding model that combines the non-tamperable technical characteristics of smart contracts with commercial crowdfunding and establishes a peer-to-peer trust mechanism. It is a completely public domain and everyone has the right to use it. The distributed encryption algorithm will reward individuals who contribute resources and behaviors that are beneficial to the value of the network.

The trust mechanism of internet relies on the authority of a trusted third party. When conducting a crowdfunding activity, it is necessary to rely on a trusted third party to guarantee and to transfer funds. After the centralized platform receives the funds, the funds are transferred from the platform to the crowdfunding project. Although it is called a “trusted” third party, as an outsider, investors need face the doubt who is the one to supervise the trusted third party.

Therefore, traditional crowdfunding model has been criticized for its opacity and risk. Under the support of the concept of “code is law”, the empowerment of smart contract crowdfunding can make it more secure. Users can construct a fair and equitable access to the corresponding reward through the distributed network. The value growth rate of the IX crowdfunding network will be much faster than the speed at which users use its resources.

Blockchain focus on decentralization, such as BTC or ETH. Distributed storage (multi-centralized storage) allows information to be stored in countless nodes of the network. A person or group cannot tamper with data. All processes are in accordance with the consensus.  All procedure follows the technical rules which was set up initially. There is almost no possibility of human intervention becoming the foundation for the blockchain to be trusted.

The security foundation of IX is the integration of distributed encryption algorithms and digital certificate systems. In order to implement its potential and fragmented transaction model to millions or more users, IX focuses on scalability and transaction performance. It implements the distributed expansion program into the smart contract and use the Poisson distribution and Binamial random walk principle to verify the data interaction on each chain.

At present, the IX official network is composed of 50 clusters (consisting of 6,450 servers), running a total of 256 shard chains. Its peak value can reach 100W+ TPS. The IX cluster allows multiple processes and physical machines to work together as a single full node. State shard divides the global state into independent processing and storage unit that to expand network capacity by adding more shard chains exponentially. IX supports different mining algorithms on different shard chains. Its shard chains can be added to the main network dynamically, allowing transaction information transfer between shard chains during cross-shard chain transactions, which is fully compatible with Ethereum smart contracts.。

imTokenMax (IX) does not rely on the development of the ERC20 community. It is the first to complete the blockchain crowdfunding system based on the solidity smart contract architecture. IX enhances the support for the Ethereum main network and expands the underlying algorithm architecture of the ETH public chain. At the same time, IX encourages all Ethereum public chain currencies to join the IX public chain and relies on the Ethereum platform to develop and to deploy blockchain technology in decentralized finance, supply chain management, security supervision and other applications. This process facilitates the blockchain industry Rapid development.