IMP, ILP and MEI Development Model Launched by China Would Deliver Robust Economic Growth


As Harvard University Professor Edward Glaeser once pointed out that “The city is the greatest invention of man”, China is also pushing the envelope to accelerate sustainable urban development.

Beijing, China, 24nd March

Although the United States still sets the benchmark for global urban economic development, in terms of the evolutionary paths of global cities, China may deliver robust and sustainable growth by implementing a new model of “Intelligent Manufacturing Platform, Intelligent Life Platform, Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (IMP, ILP and MEI). At a recent conference, representatives of China’s business and economic community expressed hope that the IMP, ILP and MEI model of urban development would drive Chinese urban development to deliver robust growth.


The IMP, ILP and MEI model was first pioneered by China’s Haier Group in July 2017, which integrates intelligent manufacturing industry cluster, intelligent life solution service platform and national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base, mobilizes entrepreneurship by industry and promotes employment through entrepreneurship. At present, the first-tier cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin have already adopted the model, and many second-tier cities are also considering the introduction. It is predicted that China will set off a practice trend of IMP, ILP and MEI model.


“The US is the largest economy in the world. But in recent years, China has been at the forefront of global mobile payment, which has been recognized as the head of the “new four great inventions” in China”, said a senior economic analyst and a keynote speaker at the conference, which is likely to occur in the industrial Internet field that affects the pattern of international manufacturing.


“The number of enterprises on the on the Haier Industrial Internet platform COSMOPlat has reached 35,000. In Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other manufacturing cities, the government has introduced the IMP, ILP and MEI model, and planned to promote local enterprises to realize cloud manufacturing through COSMOPlat. In this way, enterprises can develop and manufacture products efficiently according to the needs of users around the world and gain the first-mover advantage in the IoT economy. China will become a leader in the global Internet of things, according to Barometer of the Internet of Things Market by the international telecommunications giant Vodafone”, the analyst commented.

According to data from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, 4.51 million new enterprises were registered in China in the first three quarters of 2017, with year-on-year growth of 12.5%, which has maintained rapid growth since 2014. However, the US is actually facing a startup deficit, and such a conclusion is made by American academic circle through analyzing the establishment of domestic companies in nearly half a century.


The economic analyst expressed hope that the IMP, ILP and MEI model will continue to accelerate China’s entry into the golden age of entrepreneurship. In this model, Haier has opened rich platform resources to the whole society and trained innovative entrepreneurs for the society, thus lowering the threshold of entrepreneurship.


“Economic development is an indicator that can be seen and measurable, but happiness is actually a more essential pursuit. The latest World Happiness Report supported and issued by United Nations indicates that Chinese people are happier than people from many other parts of the world. Smart cities will reconstruct the relationship between residents’ mutual support and trust. Now, the online users have exceeded 50 million on Haier’s intelligent life open platform.


So far, some first-tier cities in China have adopted the IMP, ILP and MEI model in urban planning, mobilized entrepreneurship by industry, and promoted employment through entrepreneurship. Therefore, residents can live and work in the same area, avoid long commutations in going to and returning from workplaces and the well-being index of residents will be further improved”, said the analyst.



IMP, ILP and MEI model is a model of urban development introduced by China.