IHT got strategy investment from NEO Global Capital, aim at building the Property version of Ripple


With the rapid development of Blockchain technology and industries, many of the premium applications in the industry have attracted attention from the investment sector. i-house.com, as a pioneer of global real estate blockchain cloud platforms, has been widely known for its achievements in terms of management, technology, team, overseas market, and applications among others. After getting investment from several overseas investment institutions on January 2018, it has received strategic investment from NEO Global Capital. This move allows i-house.com to make use of NEO Global Capital’s platform and resources, and facilitate its global market expansion, and herald a new development stage.


NEO Global Capital, with its members coming from renowned companies like the Standard Chartered, and Guotai Junan Securities, one of China’s biggest investment banks, has developed profound understanding over new-type technology, traditional financial market and blockchain investment. It has previously invested in famous projects like Bluzelle, a decentralized database service, Zilliqa, the next generation, high throughout Blockchain platform, ontology network Ontology as well as payments network Trinity.


“i-house.com (IHT) is the world’s first real estate blockchain cloud platform. It has been recognized as one of the 15 mega-projects of blockchain technology in 2018. It involves technology for smart contract and distributed ledgers, which is developed by i-house.com to split real estate. Its team members include top-notch business insiders and consultants, along with other advantages, make i-house.com a competitive partner for investment institutions,” explained by Ricky Ng, Chairman & Founder of IHT.


In terms of market cooperation, on February 5th, IHT signed cooperative deal with Yoiju, a Chinese property transaction platform focusing on Japanese property market. Under the framework, clients are able to use BTC/IHT to transact properties in Japan. This is a small step in IHT’s application, but a big step for the overall development of Blockchain technology. Besides, IHT has also started its business in southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia.  By working together with partners, the IHT is committed to forging the third-generation global real estate sharing platform, which is expected to promote global circulation of real estate, and benefits people with qualified operation of blockchain tech.


On March 1st, 2018, i-house.com got listed on KuCoin Exchange, and its TOKEN (IHT) program became tradable on KuCoin. Its team will gradually get listed on mainstream exchanges. Its strategic investment from NEO Global Capital indicates the widespread recognition from both domestic and overseas investment companies. It will contribute a lot to the growth of global real estate industries. i-house.com, a global real estate blockchain cloud platform, will receive more positive feedback and support from the experts and customers of the blockchain industry as well as the media.