IHERO Heroes Return DeFi New Ecology


“Coin Circle One Day, Stock Market Ten Years “, Coin Circle may be known as the most active, the fastest upgrading of the financial sector, every day there are new projects, new opportunities, and always benefit from the first crab eaters. Eat through the D e F i this year, most of them are new currency circle, and so on the elderly through the liquidity mining, tuyere has long passed.

There is no doubt that D e F i has become the focus of this year’s currency circle, seize DeFi opportunity, equal to seize wealth. At present, DeFi projects emerge in endlessly, and the quality is uneven. How to choose suitable investment projects has also become the confusion of investors in the currency circle.

A lot of people don’t want to miss DeFi opportunities, they have spare money to invest directly, but it’s too late to learn from scratch,and afraid to step on the pit if find someone for help. Is there a good way to solve these confusions?

Malta block chain financial service platform IHERO launched DeFi regular mining financing projects, IHERO will help users switch funds to higher income DeFi projects for liquidity mining according to the real-time mining income of third party projects.Not only reduce the cost of learning, but also firmly grasp the opportunity to make money.

IHERO combines the concept of DeFi( decentralization finance), using block chain technology and intelligent contract technology, replacing the traditional trust based on people or third party institutions with decentralized protocols to build a transparent and open financial system.It is a comprehensive financial service system with digital currency as the main body.

IHERO platform maintain absolute neutrality, only provides financial services, does not participate in any transactions between users, the digital currency interest obtained is transferred directly to the investor’s account, and the investor’s digital currency is transferred directly to the user. The whole pledge process is guaranteed by block chain technology.

At the same time, the IHERO platform writes the pledge protocol into the intelligent contract and automatically tracks and executes the terms of the agreement. In the whole pledge process, the digital assets of the user are safely stored in the wallet protected by multiple signatures to maximize the core interests and security of the user.

IHERO platform aims to create a digital asset-based service platform, will continue to upgrade, technological innovation, so that users in the platform can obtain convenient, safe, low-cost deposits while enjoying the wealth of digital asset appreciation.In the future, the IHERO platform will continue to land multiple ecological scenes, meet the diversity needs of user ,innovate the way of the public’s life , improve the quality of resident’s life ,create a better future!