HyperEx Uses Blockchain Technology to Create An Open Service Platform in Multiple Fields


Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

In August, Paypal announced that it might provide cryptocurrency purchase services to its 325 million users, giving priority to mainstream digital assets such as BTC and ETH. In addition, Paypal is recruiting and has formed a very professional team, which is currently monitoring the development of the digital asset industry.

Cryptocurrency has become a new investment method in the investment world nowadays. As the latest international cryptocurrency platform in the 5G era, HyperEx will trigger a boom in the cryptocurrency market.

HyperEx is an international platform for financial trading services that holds a US MSB financial license. The platform was registered in Seychelles and focuses on providing professional cryptocurrency and derivatives trading services for market individuals and financial institutions.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency trading platforms, HyperEx invests in new security protection systems and has formed an international elite team from the United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Australia and the United States, with a wealth experience of traditional finance, blockchain industry and related resources.

With the help of powerful technical resources and abundant financial industry resources, the platform grasped the wealth era brought by blockchain technology. After three years of preparation, a global digital asset management and trading center will soon be created, offering good environment for the flow and circulation of digital assets around the world.

In order to help the majority of investors control investment risks to the greatest extent, HyperEx has conducted a five-year market tracking and investigation on the cryptocurrencies market during the platform preparation stage, and conducted a comprehensive survey of hundreds of digital currencies within the scope of the investigation. Based on the trend analysis of the platform, HyperEx decides to select the top 50 ranked currencies into the platform’s preparatory release plan.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

As planned, the platform will support cryptocurrency transactions and derivatives trading. At the same time, by providing services such as STAR UP and Filcion mining pools, HyperEx can help users quickly choose their own investment methods and realize wealth growth.

The person in charge of HyperEx said: “In the future, HyperEx will always focus on opening access for blockchain asset trading and staking. As an infrastructure provider, HyperEx is aiming to provide technical support for partners and platforms to solve the problem they face. The challenge is to focus on channel services for users and local digital asset transactions, and accelerate the process of global digital asset landing. At the same time, it provides users with a more stable, efficient and convenient cryptocurrency trading platform to make investment easier.”

HyperEx’s new platform operating structure is in the making. Soon, HyperEx will use the new operating structure to serve advantageous currencies and gather more wealth opportunities. Meanwhile, more products will be created for currency holders through the continuous upgrade of platform services.

In the future development plan of HyperEx, the team are ready to create a new cryptocurrency management and trading platform in the new era, and make more possibilities for the future development of cryptocurrency.