Hundred billions dividend in the background of the times Global asset management experts—TONRAY


2020 global financial trend report: more than 9 in 10 person tend to fund financing. 《According To 2020 Global Financial Trend 》report, global financial management concept gradually returns to rationality. Most users are willing to participate in the securities market through professional methods. Among the survey users, over 90% tend to choose fund management, while only 20% tend to buy stocks themselves. Among them, nearly 70% of users are willing to invest more than 10% of their monthly income for financial management, and nearly 2% of their monthly income are willing to invest more than 50% of their monthly income for financial management.

In the structural market since 2020, public funds have frequently attracted large sums of money in the market and achieved various kinds of explosive funds. But at the same time, more than 50 funds have been announced to be wound up this year. Although the global epidemic has a slight impact on the fund industry due to the economic impact of the global epidemic, the liquidation of some fund products by fund companies also reflects the company’s weaknesses in product layout and investment research capacity.

In the process of rapid development of global economy and finance, the improvement of public financial literacy has become an increasingly important issue. Due to the general low level of financial professionalism of the global public and the insufficient mastery of all kinds of financial knowledge, it is difficult to identify the increasingly complex financial risks and torts, resulting in their own legitimate rights and interests vulnerable to serious infringement. In recent years, fund platforms have sprung up all over the world. Due to the intensification of competition, the high proportion of leverage in the fund market can bring huge profit space and huge risks.

TONRAY——Blockchain asset management came into being

TONRAY Consulting Group is an International Investment Consulting Group Limited registered in the federal government of Canada, headquartered in Toronto, Canada’s largest city and financial center.TONRAY has an experienced fund manager and financial consultant team, which is committed to providing professional services to global clients in hedge fund, trust, insurance, financial management, real estate, entertainment, blockchain asset management and other businesses. TONRAY has professional trust financial services. It focuses on the financial management of fixed income products such as trust and fixed financing, aiming to create trust financing product consultation, selection, appointment, subscription, rebate, after-sales service, etc., so as to realize its “global wealth management”.

Over the past five years, we have achieved substantial returns for our high net worth clients worldwide. TONRAY group in the past year of global economic research, launched a financial plan suitable for the current needs! The plan is an incentive investment plan, which aims to break the isolation and separation between the economic downturn and the impact of the epidemic, realize the global “value interconnection”, and solve the “island effect” of investment in the post epidemic era.

Such a steady return on investment makes the financial plan of TONRAY group one of the most popular investment choices at present! TONRAY financial plan can help many users to solve financial management problems, and more and more people pay attention to the stable income and return.

TONRAY group is about to enter the Asia Pacific market. We will fully cooperate with high net worth customers in the Asia Pacific region in September. The diversified industrial structure will bring us more returns!

The tonray special fund brings together the top teams and early preachers of the industry to search for high-quality projects around the world and open the industry resources of both sides to ecological partners in the form of investment. The projects can enjoy comprehensive ecological services such as capital, high-quality resources, brand services, technical services, investment consulting, etc. At the same time, the tonray special foundation has always adhered to the purpose of mining real high-quality blockchain projects, covering blockchain infrastructure construction, investment and consulting, digital asset management, technology research and development, and jointly build a global ecosystem.

At the same time, TONRAY will cooperate with a number of high-quality enterprises to open up commercial channels, provide systematic services for fund practitioners and investors, fully connect the technology, talent, capital, market and other resources of the blockchain industry, provide technology, capital, market, contacts, policies and other comprehensive incubation services for the blockchain application development team, and is committed to providing financial services to high net worth customers worldwide Management, hedge fund, trust, insurance, entertainment, real estate investment and other professional services. Vigorously promote the healthy implementation of blockchain technology in a short period of time, and create a one-stop service for the application and landing of blockchain technology. Create better social and economic value and market effect.

The 21st century is also an era for the development of blockchain technology. In the future, TONRAY will actively participate in the research of blockchain and cryptocurrency, realize that there are rules to follow for each transaction data, use blockchain technology to solve the pain points of financial industry, and improve the overall capital security and transaction security of TONRAY. The huge size of the fund market has made the fund market the most exciting investment market in the world. The giants have started to set foot in the fund market, which proves that the future development trend of the fund market is bright. We should seize the historic opportunity given by the times, join TONRAY and create our own wealth journey.