How uses blockchain technology to connect asset owners and financial institutions.

0 is the world’s first cloud platform for real estate transactions that utilizes blockchain technology, a truly magical and fascinating venture in terms of both its development goals and business model. principally operates in overseas real estate trading and real estate block chain financial services. It connects tens of billions of dollars of global assets and end users through IHT technology. There are some opinions from the company founder Ricky in below. Let’s dig in.


1: This is IHT.


IHT is a smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology developed for the purpose of splitting real estate under It utilizes blockchain’s intrinsic advantages such as distrust mechanism, anti-tamper, information transparency, co-supervision and traceability to provide real estate owners with technical services for splitting their real estate into smaller shares, save labor costs and reduce the risk of human error.



2: Asset owners and financial institutions do need


IHT connects asset owners and financial institutions with its smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology. Large assets can be split and distributed to several financial institutions through the IHT smart contract technology. Users can then invest in smaller shares of real estate through the financial institutions. As the nexus of the connection, IHT cannot be altered by any individual or institution, IHT itself included, after assets are split and bound by smart contracts. Therefore, IHT ensures that users’ investments are tied to the designated assets, resulting in more secure investments with stable and solid returns.


3: Asset owners and financial institutions can get IHT tokens in this way.


Cash is mainly obtained through deposits and redemption from ATO. All purchases of ownership and profits are conducted with fiat; IHT is used for ATO initialization and services fees, and users will obtain it primarily through token sale or purchase from other users.


We also learned that strives to establish a global real estate block chain cloud exchange platform. In the initial stage, it aims to create a bridge between asset owners and investors; in the medium term, it will act as an asset segmentation and management platform for the construction of mobile information applications for financial institutions; ultimately, it will evolve into a financial exchange based on physical assets to improve the liquidity of physical assets.


From 2018 to 2019, assets will span the United States, Australia, Europe and other parts of the world. By 2020, assets with an estimated total value of more than 50 billion USD will have been split through IHT and the company will seek public listing then.