How CMS is helping in the fight against Covid-19


The global COVID-19 pandemic enters its ninth month, and as ruinous as it has proven to be to daily life and the global economy, the crisis has provided an opportunity for blockchain to “show it” when it comes to helping solve some critical issues around managing the pandemic just in its first few months, including novel supply chain solutions for PPE, aggregating data research, contact tracing, and verifying clinician credentials.

BMDGE,as the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform for the biomedical industry with over 5 years’ experience in the Information & Biomedical Technology sector,has recently listed its new project CMS (Chromosome). The unique features of CMS – its use of cryptography, peer-to-peer networking and a distributed public ledger – make it ideal for identifying COVID-free individuals(offering digital health certificate), facilitating the sharing of essential Covid-19 related data, and securing medical supply chains.

1- Digital Health Certificate

According to CMS, they have released a blockchain health certificate app built on its own blockchain platform by collaborating with third-party laboratories for the test of COVID-free individuals. Users who download this app can get his own digital health certificate after the health professional scans user’s sample identifier and sent to be tested at the lab. And the Digital Health Certificate can be particularly useful for those who may need to travel across-borders for work during this time of travel restrictions. 

When asked for the security of the date,Christopher,the COO of CMS said, users’ test results are very sensitive, and these data are encrypted and stored on the user’s smartphone rather than directly on the blockchain-which is used to verify the results. This means the testing is end-to-end anonymized. We connect those who seeking anonymous testing with our corporate lab who can supply and process test kits in compliance with local laws and regulations. The potential linkage between individuals’ identities and their test results are structurally eliminated, and it’s much more secure when compared with a print health certificate or even an SMS.CMS is now seeking partnerships with governments, NGOs and others in countries around the world to deploy this solution.

2- Essential Data Sharing

Owning to the biggest advantage of blockchain—which can provide verifiable data using distributed ledger technology and peer-to-peer networking—it made possible for CMS to select enough reliable, up to date data and health information concerning the outbreak and spread of the virus, those can be the key issue in managing the pandemic.

By synthesizing those data from various sources such as the local disease control centers and other similar agencies, the CMS attempts to reconcile them by allowing the public to report data discrepancies, thus creating a single source of verified and up-to-date information. And the app can also assist physicians and other healthcare providers by allowing them to track Covid-19 symptoms and include any notes related to the patient’s care. Such data is made available exclusively to the user and healthcare provider, and is cryptographically secured, thus alleviating any privacy concerns.

3- Medical Supply Chains Securing

In addition to the essential data sharing, CMS can also help manage and optimize supply chains in medical equipment and other essential supplies needed for treating and containing the virus, especially for the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine. According to the whitepaper released recently, CMS has provided its blockchain platform to the Indian government as the underlying technology for mapping and analyzing the country’s medical supply chain. The use of this platform ensures that supply and demand are matched and creates transparency across the supply chain, reducing the risk of price gouging and hoarding in relation to critical supplies such as ventilators. And When we finally do have COVID-19 vaccines–several are likely to complete Phase III trials in succession–CMS could play a critical role in the vaccines supply chains management.

In addition to the above three solutions,CMS has reached out other biotechnology companies in an effort to solve COVID-19 related issues. “COVID-19 is as good a proving ground as any for the future of medical testing and blockchain, said Christopher, “And we hope to rise to the challenge we’re facing.”