Hot Beer Brewing appeared on Nasdaq Screen Mar 15th, spread its integrity to the world


March 15 is the World Consumer Rights Day, which is to extend the publicity of consumers’ rights and interests protection, and to better protect consumers’ rights and interests in the international scope. On March 15th 2018, Hot Beer Brewing chose a special way to deliver its management concept of integrity to the world.


On March 15, 2018, the image of Hot Beer was displayed on the nasdaq screen of New York times square, showing the image of the company and conveying the brand culture to the world. “an enterprise of integrity, be loyal to quality” will appear on the huge screen. This voice is not only to comply with the domestic consumption upgrade requirements, but also demonstrates the enterprise’s quality assurance! It is not only the inheritance and development of the core spiritual quality of 3.15, but also the further enrichment and promotion of the brand.

Between 2010 and 2015, China’s beer market was gutted, while newly-built breweries fell sharply due to capacity saturation. Faced with such a situation, Mr. Liu, who had been in the field of large beer equipment for more than 20 years, began to put transition into consideration, and the rapid development of craft beer showed him the way. He put his business into the small craft equipment.  Soon, he founded Hot Beer Brewing.


So far, Hot Beer Brewing has four stores open, each with a different business model. In Haikou, the store is an open sales platform cooperated with alumni; In Shenzhen, the store is also with alumni cooperation, but is completely closed membership system, only open to members; In Inner Mongolia, the store cooperates with the largest restaurants in the area, which is an exploration attempt in the third and fourth tier cities; In Beijing, it is an open physical flagship store that has successfully used the platform of crowd-funding and financing in first-tier city.

For Hot Beer Brewing, different stores try different business models. When the most reasonable one found, it can be quickly copied.

Hot Beer Brewing values word-of-mouth sharing in the circle. The enterprise hopes customers have perfect consumption experience and come back with his friends. This is a circle of sharing, which can expand continuously. The premise is to provide the best quality product and experience.

In order to better enhance the competitiveness of products, Hot Beer Brewing set up its own research and development center in Qingdao, constantly optimizing the products, and providing technical guarantee for more outlets in the future.