Harvard Scientists Make A Ground Breaking Discovery On A Popular Product, “Purple Mattress”


It is no doubt that Purple Mattress is a product in great demand at the moment and has been marked as the best mattress tech in the last 50 years, with amazing reviews from user of this wonderful mattress. If you own or know someone who owns this mattress, kindly pay attention to this.

Harvard Scientist by name Dr, John J. Godleski with the assistance of other scientists set out to test the safety and reliability of the purple mattress, to help ensure good living and a great discovery was made after purple mattresses were tested at the Landmark Center West, Boston.

The US EPA set an Air Quality Standard for mattress to ensure the safety and well being of the human health, but after the test was carried out, it was proven that the Purple Mattress was over 100 times higher than the level set by the US EPA which exposes customer to a high level of airborne particles which is totally unhealthy for the human body.

A material used by the Purple Mattress producers, which is a known combustible, which acts as a powder lubricant to allow the beds and pillows to be compressed was discovered to be the main catalyst. This study also showed that movement on this product owned by a plethora of homes increases the amount of airborne particles released, which increases the damage done to users of this product.

Dr, Godleski and his team have proven that the purple mattress isn’t as wonderful as people think it is and can do great damage to the lungs.

About The Test
This test was carried out at the landmark Center West in Boston by Dr, John J. Godleski with the help of other scientists, on 2 different Purple Mattress products purchased from the Purple Mattress online store.

The air sampling test was carried out on the 2nd of December 2017 and final results were delivered on the 19th of January, 2018. Dr, Godleski is ever ready to entertain any questions thrown at him about this experiment.

For more information about this experiment carried out on the Purple Mattress, or to get in touch with the scientist, you can email them at [email protected]