GTA Australia Community BEKE Global Life and Health Ecosystem Officially Launched!


Since the advent of GTA gene chain on September 21, 2019, a business storm of innovation economy dominated by life and health has risen worldwide. GTA has always adhered to the responsibility of bringing well-being to the health of all mankind and formed a broad consensus on health and wealth, that quickly became the focus of global blockchain and big health industry.

On September 1, 2020, GTA Australia community was officially launched. BEKE is a “global life and health management ecosystem” with gene technology as the core technology jointly built by Australian community of GTA gene chain and global business ecology. DAPP developed by BEKE is an online mall focusing on health products of science and technology. After becoming a super node or VIP user, users can purchase products in the mall and obtain wealth value brought by BEKE platform while enjoy healthy life.

 Currently, nearly 100 countries in the world have stepped into the aging society, and the probability of various diseases, especially cancer, has increased. On average, one person died of cancer in every eight death cases in the world. It is imminent to reduce the incidence rate of cancer and prolong the life span.

Tumor susceptibility genomic detection (THH) adopts world advanced technology and can detect the risk of 20 kinds of common tumor diseases in men and 23 kinds of women. It can accurately find the causes and treatment targets of tumor DISEASES. It can also precisely classify different states and pathogenesis of the same tumor disease, so as to realize precise treatment and improve the effect of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tumor diseases. Early detection, early knowledge, early prevention!

At present, the precision medical industry covering the whole process of early screening, auxiliary diagnosis, targeted treatment and post disease rehabilitation covered by gene sequencing technology is gradually forming. The demand of disease prevention and health management based on gene sequencing results is increasingly accepted by the general public. The great dream of benefiting human health will be successfully realized under the advocacy of GTA!

 At the moment t, many countries and regions in the world are spontaneously building GTA ecological communities around the comprehensive health industry. In the future, GTA will join hands with health enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts all over the world to compose a magnificent epic of human life and health.