GSR Matrix Fund invested IPSE additional 10 million U.S. Dollars to support distributed search empowering value Internet era


At March 7th, 19:00, Mr. Wu Shenjun, founder and founding chairman of GSR Ventures and Board Chairman of GoldenSand Capital, announced to the public in a live stream on the three-eyed frog platform that the GSR Matrix Fund will provide an additional US$10 million to IPSE, marking GSR Matrix Fund has made an important layout in the new generation of information technology, and the era of the next generation of value Internet and distributed data. It will help IPSE empowering the era of value interconnection as stream gateway in the next generation of value Internet.

Mr. Wu, founder and founding chairman of GSR Ventures and Board Chairman of GoldenSand Capital, is a well-known figure in the global investment community. He was born in mainland China and lived in Canada, and studied at the top universities such as UC Berkeley and MIT. Mr. Wu has great experience in telecommunications industry, and he is quite interested in scientific and technological innovation. Under Mr. Wu’s leadership, many of the companies invested by him have successfully grown into unicorns such as, bringing high returns to investors.

Since its establishment in 2004, GSR Ventures mainly invested in enterprises in the field of scientific and technological innovation in mainland China, and its achievements were outstanding. In 2016, GoldenSand Capital was established to invest in a new generation of information technology innovation projects in the global market, including the largest Digital Token Exchange in USA, the security-like token trading platform tZERO owned by e-commerce giant, and it also had great layouts in virtual banking and digital assets. At the end of 2019, in order to better lay out investments in the digital economy, GoldenSand  Capital invited two Blockchain experts, Mr. Liang Jieyang, founding chairman of the Blockchain Association of Hong Kong, and Mr. Xu Ander, founding chairman of the Global Blockchain Investment Alliance, to join and they jointly launched a special fund, the GSR Matrix Fund, to focus on investing in next-generation information technology, such as AI, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Big Data, and IoT (ABCDI). Projects currently invested include Golden Sand Bank, GlobalSTOx Securities Exchange, and Blockchain Infrastructure and Applied Distributed Search, the IPSE.

The investment of an additional US$10 million to IPSE from GSR Matrix Fund once again attracted the attention of global information industry and investment community. In response to the logic of this additional investment, Wu said in the live stream, “The birth of Blockchain-based IPFS distributed storage opened up the era of distributed data, and IPFS-based IPSE distributed search occupies the gateway of global value Internet era, with great value potential.” IPSE is a distributed search ecosystem based on IPFS, which is a search layer application upon IPFS infrastructure, and the birth of IPSE brings IPFS to a real application in industries. IPSE’s team is a first-class technology innovation team led by Huawei-born international technology leader Silver Xie. Since its launch in 2018, IPSE has implemented two iterations of its products and is in the process of continuously improving its ecology. With IPSE as the portal, many applications form the IPSE distributed search ecosystem. Based on the copyright of IPSE network and paid content storage, they reduce storage and bandwidth costs, while directly distribute through IPSE to all users, and build a strong IPFS+IPSE ecosystem.

Wu believed that the important thing to invest is leading the trend, trial and taking risks. He pointed out, “A new generation of network must be multi-dimensional development, whether it is search or storage. We will invest an additional 10 million US dollars in IPSE, expecting the team to realize the technology and become Google in the age of value interconnection”