Grand Opening of the First China Innovation Conference of 2017 in Guangzhou, China


The First China Innovation Conference of 2017, jointly sponsored by Development Research Center of China State Council and People’s Government of Guangdong, was grandly held in Guangzhou, China, on June 24. Hu Chunhua, the member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Party Committee of Guangdong, announced the opening of the 2017 First China Innovation Conference and met with the guests and representatives of top 500 companies worldwide. Li Wei, the director of the Development Research Center of the China State Council, Wang Zhigang, party secretary and vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, and Ma Xingrui, the governor of Guangdong, attended the opening ceremony and delivered the speeches


Experts and scholars such as Jim Rogers, a well-known international investor, Lin Yifu, a famous economist, and representatives of top 500 companies globally respectively delivered the keynote speeches at the conference. More than 1,000 guests including the directors of national ministries and commissions of China, the representatives of global top 500 companies, foreign dignitaries, and the officials of Chinese government were present at the conference. The conference ended up with a complete success, wining high praise from the participants.


Ma Xingrui pointed out that innovation is the eternal theme for human society and the inexhaustible force that promotes the social progress. The organization of China Innovation Conference for the discussion of innovative development is the grand occasion for China to implement innovative development strategy and to build an innovative country, as well as an important platform for Guangdong to strengthen innovative cooperation and to bolster the national innovative development. With General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the work of Guangdong as the guidance, Guangdong will unswervingly uphold the innovation-driven development strategy as the core strategy for the economic and social development and the pivot for economic restructuring, center on the construction of national innovation center for science and technology industry, continue to deepen eight major initiatives such as the incubation of high-tech enterprises, make all-out efforts to promote industry towards the middle and high-end of global industrial chain and the value chain, and realize the shift from factor-driven development to innovation-driven development, from follower-role development to leader-role development. Domestic and foreign experts and scholars are expected to propose suggestions for the innovative development of Guangdong. Innovative enterprises at home and abroad and innovative talents are welcomed to invest and develop in Guangdong and work together to create a promising future for innovative development.


In his speech, Li Wei gave in-depth exposition on current trend concerning innovative competition, and highlighted that in the face of urgent situation of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and the fact that many countries are now accelerating the pace of innovation, China should not only occupy a seat in the emerging innovative field, but also continue to enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries and step up the efficiency and quality of innovation in a comprehensive way. Guangdong is expected to vigorously create an ecological environment conducive to innovation, promote the coordination between innovation-driven development and structural adjustment, give full play to the role that leads the development of surrounding areas, and fulfil the duty as the pioneer in the field of innovation-driven development.


Wang Zhigang expressed the opinion that Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core attaches great importance to innovative development and puts innovation in the first place amid Five Development Concept. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has made remarkable achievements in scientific and technological innovation which provides strong support for the development of  national economy and society. China Innovation Conference was held in Guangdong and will be permanently settled in Guangdong, which affirms Guangdong’s work in practicing innovative development.


“China is one of the most innovative countries in the world, and Guangdong is the most innovative area in China. At present, the largest innovation project in China is the Belt and Road initiative. From the point of view of future development, innovation will give birth to numerous opportunities which is not limited to technological innovation, but also can be found in many other areas. Innovation in these areas will bring more opportunities.” Rogers, international investor and financier, said.


Xie Jianchao, the founder of China Innovation Conference Organizing Committee and its secretary-general, gave the introduction that China Innovation Conference is designed to build platform for the exchange of cutting-edge information about innovation in a global vision, keep the foothold in China, face the world, serve innovative development of China, and provide the global community with innovation and wisdom. China Innovation Conference will be permanently settled in Guangdong, China, and held annually. The goal is to create a World Innovation Conference that possesses a significant influence both at home and abroad.


China Innovation Conference was prepared by China Guangdong Guoxin Media Co., Ltd. President Hanson Zheng introduced that the current conference is themed on “Innovation Creates Future”, centered on the discussion of the topics such as China’s innovative development, global innovative development, intelligent technology and the Internet, economic investment, intelligent automobile manufacturing, cultural industry, the Belt and Road, and health and medicine.

Next year, the conference We will invite more representatives of top 500 companies worldwide to discuss the plan for global innovative development said by Hanson Zheng.