Global Real Estate Blockchain Cloud Platform, secures USD 30 Million in Investment.


As Blockchain Technology takes the world by storm, Global Real Estate Blockchain Cloud Platform, has secured 30 Million USD in investment from Strategic investors all around the world including Blockchain Ventures, Collinstar Capital, Tangle Capital, Badwater Capital, OEX International, Draper Dragon, the largest venture capital fund in the Blockchain sector and one of the core funds of the Draper Venture Network (DVN is also a Series A Investors in Baidu and Tesla) and various distinguished and reputable overseas investment institutions.


The above mentioned strategic investors are also successful early investors in a portfolio of Blockchain projects around the world, including more than 30 digital tokens in the top 100 list, such as NEO, QTUM, VEN, ICON, HSR and ELF.



As Blockchain technology evolves and is increasingly being adapted in the real world, market acceptance and understanding is also growing. popularity both at home and internationally has resulted in its i-house token (IHT) to be oversubscribed 8 times in a few days since its release. leverages its superior technology, development speed and other advantages..


Statistics show that total investment in overseas commercial real estate by Chinese citizens has topped 38.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 49% over 2015. This also reveals a growing interest in global real estate investment. Although there is a huge potential in the global real estate sector, real estate investments are often being viewed as expensive and unaffordable. For overseas real estate investment, there is also additional risk when dealing with foreign markets, exchange rates, interest rates and legal frameworks. Other risks also include prolonged and delayed transactions, information asymmetry, and even a lack of credibility that could adversely affect potential investors.


These are the issues that is designed to address by integrating the global real estate transaction market through Blockchain technologies. The project utilizes its specially developed smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology (IHT), which taps into blockchain’s intrinsic advantages such as being a trustless system, immutability, information transparency, co-supervision and traceability, to split large real estate assets into smaller shares and distribute them to financial institutions. Users are given the opportunity to make smaller investments and still capitalize on the real estate market while the security of investments is guaranteed and risks contained.


The founding members of include Co-Founder of NASDAQ-listed IClick Interactive Mr. Ricky Ng and several other elite professionals from the Internet and finance sectors.  Founder of McAfee Crowdchain Technology Inc Mr. Yale Reisoleil, pioneer of network security and software innovation Mr. John McAfee, Managing Director at CLSA Limited Ms. Tzu Wen Maryann Tseng, former Operation Director of Fosun Group’s Internet finance business Mr. Victor Zhou, Senior Manager in Deloitte’s financial engineering and modelling practice Ms. Ivy Hou and other expert professionals from prominent organization across industries serve on its advisory board.


Besides real estate blockchain projects in countries such as Australia, China and Japan, has also initiated cooperation projects in  Southeast Asian countries as Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. Its asset presence is slated to expand to the US, Australia and Europe among other parts of the world between 2018 and 2019.


The flux of investments from overseas institutional investors further testifies to the value and advantages of and is attributable to its rapid development. With the continual expansion of blockchain applications to a multitude of industries and businesses, demand for its application in the real estate sector will undoubtedly grow in tandem. As a forerunner in the real estate block chain sector working in close partnership with industry titans, the sky is the limit for