Global care and mutual aid block chain platform


CARE is a trust free platform for distributed intelligent contract based on the base technology of block chain.It will overturn the rules of the traditional industry and directly connect the components on the entire ecological chain with a decentralized structure that will penetrate the global tourism industry, the international hotel industry, and the health care industry. For the above industries to distribute CARE COIN within the platform for circulation.

CARE’s vision is to build a secure online payment system for global payments based on block chain technology.CARE platform for high-end international hotel merchants, the world’s major tourism companies to provide open source; global asset penetration shopping; no need for exchange rate convertibility and no difference in the use across national borders, so as to realize the industrial synchronous integration and coordination of the economic system and the high and new technology within the universal ecologicalsystem. All supply chain upstream and downstream are docked, industry exchanges, roadshow financing, transactions and payments can be achieved through CARE.At the same time, the merchants’ consumption points can also be exchanged through the seamless docking with CARE.The CARE platform is an open, pay-for-functionality platform.CARE will also build the world’s largest community of old-age communities to drain tourist source from tourism and high-end hotels.



Block chain technology has brought the dawn of great changes in the digital economy, which has occurred twice in the history of the Internet in the past 50 years.The first great change is the global network. Since the birth of ARPA in 1969, the mainstream countries of the world have gradually connected to the Internet, which has begun the journey of global networking. The second great change is a global application. Since 1989, after the publication of the World wide Web paper, the Internet application has blossomed all over the world and realized the global explosion of application. A third big change is brewing. The birth of Bitcoin in 2009 was a landmark event. Supported by block chain technology, Bitcoin broke the “dark” box of traditional paper money.The circulation of paper money as an entity is invisible, no one knows where a bill is coming from, and the block chain can make every movement of digital money clear and “chain”. It also protects the privacy of the participants.


It has been found that the significance of the block-chain is to build a more reliable Internet system that fundamentally addresses fraud and rent-seeking in value exchange and transfer. More and more people believe that with the popularization of block chain technology, the digital economy will become more authentic and credible, and the economic society will become more just and transparent. Further studies have found that the block chain technology has a strong ability to “reduce costs”, can simplify the process, reduce some unnecessary transaction costs and institutional costs.This ability is applied in many areas of society and is more relevant for improving the current depressed economic environment. Block chain has aroused worldwide concern and has rapidly become a global “arms” competition. Many countries have realized the huge application prospect of block chain technology, and began to design the development path of block chain from the national level. In 2017, block chain and related industries accelerated development, the world is running into the “block chain economy era.”。On a global scale, there will be more mature applications. At this moment, China faces great opportunities.
CARE(Care coin) is a trust-free block chain technology of distributed intelligent contract based on the underlying block chain technology. It will upend the rules of the traditional industry and directly connect the components of the entire ecological chain with a decentralized structure to achieve a trust-free financial docking.