Fone Store Website Launch Asks, “Why buy a new Apple when a used one will do?”

Fone Store launches a new go-to website where pre-owned iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Apple watches are plenteous, preferred, and ready for purchase.


Forget the contracts.  Forget the high prices.  Forget the buyer’s remorse and buy an affordable smart device.  It all sounds wonderfully undoable, doesn’t it? Until now that is. Thanks to a new website called the Fone Store all these un-get-able gets are just a click away.  Cutting right to the chase much like their name suggests, the new website helps consumers do just that.  It sells fancy pre-owned “fones” and other devices online at about a fourth of the price.  With no contracts to sign, a twelve-month warranty, and a 14-day cooling off period, it makes one wonder why they’d do it any other way.


Louis Myers, the owner of the company, said of the pre-owned smartphone website launch, “We’re turning the tide with the launch of the site.  Let’s face it; Apple products are coveted for a reason.  Their superior functionality and design are phenomenal.  But, for many consumers, their price is prohibitive. Paying nearly £700 for an iPhone is almost unreal.  But, we do it every day mainly because we thought we had to.  But we don’t. With the Fone Store, you can get an iPhone for under £140. Just pick the colour you want, and we’ll have yours to you ASAP with free next day delivery.”


Starting from £139.99 for an Apple iPhone 6, and £169.99 for an iPhone 6s, the site is like a breath of fresh air for the frugal.  With no limit to the products one can buy, The Fone Store is also a viable choice for companies who would like to purchase iPhones and iPads in bulk.


When purchased, buyers can rest assured that each phone has been individually tested with an exhaustive 100-point checklist.  Just like it did when it was new, the smart device also comes with headphones, a USB cable, and information booklet.  All Fone Store products are sold on a SIM only basis so, existing SIM contracts still apply.  Customers need only to choose a device that carries the same network they currently use.  Once the device is received, and the SIM is inserted, it’s ready for use.


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About Fone Store:

Fone Store is located in Illford, Essex, UK and provides customers with refurbished mobile devices for purchase at a fraction of the price.


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171 Cranbrook Road

Ilford Essex IG1 4TA

United Kingdom



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Owner, Fone Store

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