Financial Guru David Russell Schroeter takes the helm of CTI to usher in a new gold era


David Russell Schroeter has had more than 23 years of practical financial experience. He has accumulated rich financial investment experience and has a keen judgment on market trends in the domestic and foreign financial markets. He also has broad domestic and foreign macro and industrial economic perspectives. He is a master of the financial battlefield and a legendary figure by all standards.

David Russell Schroeter, born in Leicester, England, has a strong interest in the financial industry. As an outstanding student with a double degree in financial management from the University of Cambridge, David Russell Schroeter has laid a solid foundation and cultivated strong professional knowledge and unique insights in financial markets.

Internationally recognized and authoritative financial analyst
With a sharp insight into the financial industry, David Russell Schroeter is very familiar with the global economic environment and the programmatic trading process of financial products. He has precise judgments in the control of financial products and portfolio selection.

In addition, David Russell Schroeter also loves capital management and futures trading. He has led his team to achieve many historical successes, especially during the Southeast Asian financial crisis in 1997. He led the team in Southeast Asia during the financial adversity and brought in a stellar performance which shocked the entire financial market.

As an internationally recognized financial authority, David Russell Schroeter is proficient at using his excellent financial investment management capabilities and risk control capabilities to outperform the market. His outstanding performance has been widely recognized by his peers and the industry. He has also won numerous awards in the financial industry and has become known as a technical analysis professional.

Rich practical experience leads CTI to achieve great results
David Russell Schroeter has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in several financial markets during both bullish and bearish periods. He has served as a consultant and leader of many large international financial companies. David’s accuracy in financial business operations has been recognized by the market. David is currently serving as CEO of CTI Chain Trade International Group.

CTI Chain Trade International Group takes gold business development and trading products as its two wings, and has become a leader in the gold financial market by virtue of its rich investment management and the advantages of familiarity with the economic development of domestic and foreign investment markets. In addition to focusing on trading stock index, currency, foreign exchange, commodity commodities and other futures products, CTI Chain Trade International also has an asset management business for high net worth individuals.

David Russell Schroeter leads the CTI Chain Trade International team in project planning and implementation. He is committed to providing comprehensive consulting services to global institutions, financial professionals and investors in the financial trading market. David aims to lead the CTI team to become a world-class gold industry group that is globally competitive.

The financial industry has passed its golden years, but in the context of interest rate liberalization and the wave of Internet thinking, David Russell Schroeter believes that the financial industry will usher in new challenges in business and innovation. He believes that a new financial direction will emerge. CTI Chain Trade International will assess the situation and seize the opportunities in the financial market to become the forerunner of the gold industry.