FDG: Solve the problems of the game industry, cooperate with multiple parties for win-win results


As the global Internet advances and the electronic devices like smart phones and tablets upgrade, games have become the most common recreation way and a most profitable Internet industry. Same as many industries, games also have pain points.

The game industry has the excessively concentrated resources in the entire game market. The industry as a whole lacks a healthy competitive environment, which tampers game product innovation, and causes serious homogeneity, centralized deployment, and unlimited issuance of game currency (no value), undisclosed, opaque, and distrustful game transactions, etc.

FDG game public chain can effectively avoid many game problems. It adopts the distributed storage network, point-to-point transmission protocol, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm and other underlying technologies, which are naturally close to the game ecology, leading a new game industry development.

FDG, through Blockchain technology, is a new decentralized game ecological public chain created by developing the game infrastructure. FDG, with complete technical architecture as the guarantee, constructed a global game service platform with value oriented to balance and maintain the interests of all links in the game industry chain.

First, FDG reduces the access threshold of the whole game industry through the distributed storage of the underlying code, game script and other tools, so that more users who are interested in the game industry can participate in it without tedious learning and too much experience, and enjoy the fun and benefits brought by the game.

Second, FDG, through data transparency, unforgeability and permanent operation of smart contracts, deploys the platform operation specifications and professional terms on the FDG game public chain, and generates scale effect by cooperating with other ecological platform partners, thus reducing the construction and operation costs of users and merchants.

Third, FDG adopts the concept of “zero knowledge proof” to provide game developers with corresponding copyright protection services and asset data verification services under different conditions, thereby improving the asset data security of developers and players.

Finally, FDG will continue expanding its own game derived services and products, provide all-round financial services and support for developers, operators, channel providers, players, game equipment providers and other ecological members, thereby better developing the FDG game ecological platform.

The inspiring FDG new Blockchain game model must encourage more people to join the game world of Blockchain. FDG will, according to the partner’s business requirements, provide corresponding technical support to ensure that every partner involved in the ecosystem construction can enjoy the dividends brought by FDG.