Exploration of space in the SCN — The significance of the convergence of block chain and commercial ecology


The current global financial system has created a lot of wealth for the world, but because of the centralised management of traditional financial institutions, the distribution of wealth and resources is often uneven and the area of wealth is Matthew effect. Individuals and groups with resource and financial advantages are more likely to have access to financial support.

At the same time, with the continuous popularization and development of Internet applications, the roles of users have gradually diversified from a single product use and consumption role to a composite role involving investment, promotion and participation in production, the current centralized governance mechanism is often difficult to adapt to how to make users more compatible in different roles.

How to use blockchain to solve the central in the financial, Internet industry pain point, so that digital money to bridge the virtual and real world, has become the SCN “space exploration” of the main value.

The mining mechanism of “POS POC” : facilitates the deep integration of multiple roles of users

With the continuous development of the Internet, in addition to the basic consumer behavior, users also have investment behavior, dividends rights and interests, how to make different roles, as well as the same role of different behavior rights and interests can reach compatibility, the underlying consensus mechanism is particularly important, and the emergence of decentralized blockchains makes it all possible.

SCN (Subspace Corridor Network) is to combine the blockchain technology with the commercial economic logic, and creatively put forward “the dual synchronous Mining Consensus Algorithm of Pos (Proof of Stake) and POC (Proof of Contribution) ” , the aim is to build a borderless open-type value ecological network with the interests of users, technology, commercial subjects, promoters and other parties, and to form a real “full-currency payment, full-currency circulation” blockchain application ecology, providing a richer return on value for those who contribute to the ecology.

Throughout the SCN ecosystem, the roles of miner, promoter, and user are successfully integrated. Users can be miners, and miners can be promoters. The mechanism of Innovative Mining Algorithm of SCN determines that the number of miners in ecology can increase rapidly in a short time, while the number of promoters will surge, making the number of users reach a very considerable volume in a short period of time.

Through the ” POS and POC “mining mechanism, every node SCN fair return, at the same time, based on block chain centralized transparent mechanism and guarantee the platform of a true contributor can obtain the value of higher yield, by the value of a benign cycle continuously provide a steady stream of power for the development of the SCN, create more equal, extensive, credible, and sustainable sharing platform.

All-round Opening up network: Promoting the new ecology of “blockchain business ecology”

SCN operates a destruction mechanism where issuance is conditional destruction. Based on the rise and fall of the price in the trading market, judge whether to destroy the SCN issued on the same day and the specific amount of destruction. By adjusting the relationship between supply and demand of SCN effectively, the value of SCN can be increased.

At the same time, the SCN open network innovation uses the cooption mechanism, SCN open network on the access of the entity and the financial ecology to obtain a part of the network service fee, will be used to buy back the circulating SCN, through the destruction of the circulating assets, it can increase the expectation of future value of SCN and promote the ecological value of SCN.

At present, SCN’s business ecology has explored various applications in the fields of medical care, real estate of health care, culture and entertainment, digital currency trading. Through the effective link of ecological construction node in SCN network, the node and ecological win-win can be achieved.

We believe that the creative integration of the decentralized mechanisms and commercial ecology of the blockchain is no less significant than human exploration of space. SCN is equivalent to the establishment of a passageways such as the Subspace Corridor Network

 in the universe, digital currency payment as a bridge between the virtual and real world, to build a high consensus, trust, a large-scale open-value ecology. SCN will aim to become the world’s largest user-scale and the largest data-scale public link data open platform.