Ex Tesla EMEA Leader to Rollout Electric Vehicle Blockchain: EVA.IO


Patrick de Potter, CEO of EVA.IO, announces to launch an electric vehicle platform. This decentralized platform will have an all new EVA token to run its eco-system.


In this blockchain eco-system, each electric vehicle functions as a node. In other words, each electric vehicle owner with the EVA.IO platform installed will be giving output to the blockchain. The output of each nodes is from car-generated data. By monetizing vehicle data, users will earn EVA tokens, which they could potentially earn up to 15 USD in value per day. The trading of data and tokens play a key role in the eco-system.

The EVA.IO platform will become a crypto-wallet and an essential payment tool for user activity. Eventually when vehicles are driverless, and vehicles are accessing services such as charging stations, EVA.IO can possibly play a big role in the self-paying system.


To keep a secure system, EVA.IO introduces the dual structure of DAG & Blockchain. This type of structure allows the system to maintain payment speed, and at the same time ensure a decentralized system.

Patrick dissected this concept for those interested during EVA.IO’s first road show in Breda, Netherlands, on August 15th. “The emergence of these platforms will surely increase competition in business models,” Patrick strongly advocates while giving the presentation about blockchain technology, crypto-currency, and electric vehicle to EV enthusiasts on Wednesday night.

There are currently a lot of testing on cryptocurrency blockchain systems. Patrick strongly believes that tokens are necessary to the Blockchain eco-system. Tokens will be the means for transferring value and incentives on the eco-system—such as charging stations.


The current EVA.IO team members are former Tesla employees, including software engineers and vehicle engineers. In addition to that, most of the team members are from the Netherlands, sharing the same country base as the Tesla Europe headquarters and main production.