Ether Universe Cross-chain Technology: Probably the 4th generation of blockchain?


What will blockchain technology become in future? No one may give prediction of the details; however, the developers of Ether Universe believe that the idea of “Cross-Chain” is destined to be trending.


Cross-chain technology is the bridge that connects different blockchains. In future, thousands of industry-specific blockchains will emerge. However, the chains would lack in connection with each other. We may believe that 2018 will be the year of cross-chain.

According to publicly available sources, [Ether Universe]( has been developing a cross-chain platform over EOS.IO. Ether Universe focuses on providing secure, fast, and stable cross-chain services, enabling the exchange of information among different chains, and eventually become the bridge across the chains.


For instance, when a user would like to purchase some EOS with some ETH, he/she usually have to trade on an exchange market, which, ironically, may be hard to use, expensive on transaction fees, vulnerable to hackers, and interruption of service due to technical reasons. Through Ether Universe, users may be able to exchange value across different chains at a low cost and a low latency, in a decentralized manner.


In cross-chain interactions, trust is an important issue. As discussed in the case above, if the EOS seller and the ETH seller both make individual transfers to each other, any participant may cheat. Hence the trade cannot be made in that way. However, on Ether Universe, both sides can make sure that two transfers are associated — they must both succeed or both fail. Ether Universe ensures the security of such trading by using two-way anchoring with other chains. Also, by employing miners, witnesses, and guarantors, the transaction can be verified pretty fast.


In addition, Ether Universe is built over EOS.IO, the 3rd-generation blockchain network. Ether Universe featres its distinct architecture which greatly improved the scalability of of blockchain networks. Its modular design may have a good compatibility with various chains.


Increasingly more blockchains may emerge; in result, cross-chain services may become increasingly important. Manufacturing, retailing, real estate, and finance will all have their own chains, and alliance chains will emerge to serve different fields of the economy, where, products will be represented by tokens. Ether Universe aims to connect those different chains, in which an important business feature is to allow the exchange of tokens from different chains in order to actualize tradings between goods, eliminating the necessity of currencies.


Such exchange services may boost the development of many traditional industries. For exmpale, manufacturers may pre-release tokens to pre-sell future productions — say a rubber manufacturer, it may deposit some of its products and demonstrate its credit records to hold a pre-sale by issuing tokens, which will enable the liquidity of its future productive forces when being traded over platforms including Ether Universe, and eventually accelerate the developement of the manufacturer and other merchants on the supply chain. Similarly, trandtional manufacturers may all liquidize their productions and assets with blockchain technology. Ether Universe, as the nexus of such liquidity, of great importance, must be evaluated carefully.


As digital assets and blockchain technolgy grow over time, Ether Univse will become an essential leading power. Great potential and business value are embodied within the project. It may be a key to the next blast in the blockchain ecosystem.