ETCS is developing rapidly

In the history of human development, there have been three industrial revolutions. The first was marked by the invention of the steam engine, and the machine replaced manual labor. The second is the breakthrough, application and the invention of the internal combustion engine as the symbol, which directly pushes the human into the era of electrification; The third time in electronic computer, nuclear power, space technology, marked by the invention and application of biological engineering, not only promote the huge changes of human society, more profoundly affected the human life and the way of thinking. Each time the industrial revolution brought huge increase in productivity, as one of the factors of production and production relations, change is not so big, still is a top-down, centralized organization pyramid level. The more complex the organization’s business, the more layers and the more difficult it is to improve efficiency. Blockchain is a decentralized and trusted network, which can realize peer-to-peer value exchange, which is called value Internet.

“Ethereum Cash prioritizes security, stability, and scalability in design,” the ETCS team CEO said.

The ETCS team members mainly include:











Jacob Lewis   CE


The senior IM developer in silicon valley has been engaged in IM development for nearly 20 years, with rich experience and theoretical foundation.







George Larkin  CTO

Advanced software development engineers in backend and database systems, specializing in software architecture and object-oriented design. For many years George has focused on the design of product solutions.






Sophie Well  CFO

UCLA mba, Sophie helps many companies complete their planned financing rounds and has experience advising many other startups.






Bray Lee

In the field of digital currency investors, financial technology company of California well-known consultants, in small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies have many years of sales and marketing management, have to perform complex business plan and the realization of the business ability in a timely manner.

ETCS thinks that blockchain technology is most likely to improve the current e-cash relationship. With the help of the ETCS, we can create a financial world – the user and the user directly connected, to trust, under the community or social consensus, cooperation, point-to-point interchange, value driven financial world.