EOSDapp is an innovative gaming system for investors to gain profits


Recently, EOSDapp ecology has attracted a lot of attention, and EOSDapp shows a bull scene in the big bear market environment.。 Some are more than 30 times, the last round of so long or under the impetus of ICO.

With the passage of time, the game of block chain gaming has been constantly updated and perfected, from the earliest traditional gambling block chainization to the later mining mechanism, attracting a number of “speculators”.Seemingly the same gaming game, in fact behind the reasonable output, consumption mechanism is to judge whether the Dapp project is reliable or not.

Let us take GGS, which is now a relatively hot country in the United States, as an example:

GGS initially digs 1EOS to return 50 GGS, assuming that EOS price fluctuations are not taken into account

Because gambling is a permanent nature of the block chain to solve the more objective and fair, so we conservative 25 more reasonable.

Suppose user A digs out 500000 EOS, at the beginning of the project

According to the above investment calculation, if the user invested 10, 000 EOS, under the platform daily trading volume of 400000, 1 million, 3 million, 6 million EOS, the annual return can reach 38, 237.5% and 923.9% respectively, 2044.05.

So if in the initial stage of the project, the player can dig ore, get the initial dividends of the project.