EOS.CYBEX’s Supernode Candidacy Officially Acknowledged with All Criteria Perfectly Qualified!

At 9a.m. 29th.March.2018, EOS authority has accepted the application from EOS.CYBEX and officially acknowledged EOS.CYBEX Community as a candidate for EOS supernodes. Most excitingly, EOS.CYBEX community won the candidacy with all 6 criteria satisfied!


EOS.CYBEX is an experienced team dedicated to EOS project incubation and community development aiming at providing a myriad of one-stop services for all DAPP developers based on the EOS platform, including testchains readily accessible to developers, and sophisticated test tools and services. In addition, EOS.CYBEX boasts various blockchain project incubators set and operated in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong; more incubators to be set in London, New York, Switzerland and Silicon Valley according to projections for this year. Cybex, a decentralized crypto-asset exchange based on Graphene technology, guarantees sufficient liquidity for the crypto-assets of EOS developers.


James Gong, the co-founder of CYBEX, announced while delivering a speech in Chengdu EOS Community Meetup on 24th.Mar that he will spare no effort to run for one of the EOS supernodes, pledging to give their utmost support for EOS community by pooling every resource CYBEX gained over the years. James Gong believes that EOS will be one of the paramount evolutions of blockchain technology, so EOS.CYBEX will push forward the development of EOS by collaborating with EOS communities in Asia and other areas of the world. 5 days later, EOS approved EOS.CYBEX’s application and shortlisted EOS.CYBEX as an “all-tick” supernode candidate.


EOS adopts the consensus mechanism of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), which, compared with POW and POS, features speed and efficiency. Disadvantages, however, underlies. In order to reach a million-level TPS as advertised, nodes must be cut to a certain degree. Therefore, a network mainly made up of 21 supernodes strikes a perfect balance between decentralization and block productivity.


To establish a reliable overall network, 21 Supernodes must be elected open and fair. EOS GO says by far, there have been 50 organizations and institutes applying for the candidacy of EOS Supernodes.


EOS, however, examines all applicants by 6 criteria, which are public presence, ID on SteemIt, Tech Plans, Scaling, Community and Telegram+testnet. At 9a.m. 29th.March.2018, EOS authority has accepted the application from EOS.CYBEX and officially acknowledged EOS.CYBEX Community as a candidate for EOS supernodes. Most excitingly, EOS.CYBEX community won the candidacy with all 6 criteria satisfied!



    EOS.CYBEX is a community specially built for EOS, its fountainhead Cybex, basing China, a decentralized exchange adopting Graphene technology. The latter was launched on 26th.Feb.2018 and has already had considerable influence in the Graphene circle. White Paper of Cybex says that Cybex Exchange will also transfer onto the fundamental chain after it is put into use. As a Graphene technology practitioner, CYBEX are experienced in tackling all sorts of problems one may encounter during the development of Graphene-based products. As an Exchange operator, CYBEX masters almost every essentials and obstacles in the life cycle of a blockchain project. As a keen observer in the blockchain industry, CYBEX is fully aware what a dynamic DAPP ecosystem means to the bottom public chain.


From the technology aspect, EOS.CYBEX will run a complete test chain, providing a sophisticated testing environment, digestible developing tutorials, and other technical supports, to facilitate the development of outstanding DAPPs on the EOS platform. From the operation side, EOS.CYBEX has already established blockchain project incubators worldwide, providing developers in with access to free office environments, communication platforms, technical guidance and full financial support from our established of foundation. As a result, their focus will be on the development and landing of projects. From the liquidity aspect, Cybex Exchange can push forward token listing and circulation for those excellent EOS projects. EOS.CYBEX expects that, from the said three aspects, EOS.CYBEX can empower EOS developers, the EOS community and EOS’s endeavor to make the world a better place.


The competitiveness of EOS.CYBEX manifests in 3 aspects. First, its incubators scattered all over the world—4 set and operated in Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore and several more in Dubai, London, etc. are in projection for later this year.


Second EOS.CYBEX owns affiliated serious media focusing on blockchain like LongHash and ChainB.


Third, EOS.CYBEX boasts patent or close-partnership technical support. For example, Nebula Wallet, developed by CYBEX Team, is the first hardware cold wallet for EOS, using the same signature algorithm and JSON transaction pattern as BTS. It is compressed and encoded into a binary stream through the LEB128 compression algorithm. Compared with traditional software signature method, Nebula dramatically increases the security, and ensures that private keys are completely generated by True Random Number Generator of the hardware and are permanently unreadable.


Meanwhile, EOS.CYBEX deeply cooperated with Chaitin and VaaS. The former is a top-echelon network information security company internationally which has obtained Qualification of Risk Evaluation Grade 1 and Qualification of Safety Engineering Grade 1. Its cutting-edge WAF product, based on semantic analysis, has brought a new intelligent security solution for enterprise customers. Chaitin has formed a three-pronged enterprise safety protection solution featuring detection (penetrating testing service), protection (Next Generation Web Application Firewall) and sensing (Intranet threaten sensing system). And VaaS is the first formal verification platform for EOS in the world. VaaS utilizes a myriad of verifying methods, boasting several advantages like high effectiveness, high degree of automation, low artificial participation, the compatibility with fundamental high-capacity blockchain platform. It now can provide comprehensive formal verification services, including the verification of EOS smart contract, and the formal modeling and verification of EOS sandbox and consensus mechanism.






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