EOCS will subvert traditional block chain technology


In 2017, block chain by virtue of its unique advantages of fire over the Internet, even considered as “the steam engine, electrification, computer after the fourth industrial revolution of important results.” “It is expected that by 2025 years, the10% of global GDP will be stored using block-chain technology.”


In essence, block chains are a growing list of transactions that are validated, permanently documented, and linked in chronological order. In the future, the block chain will be the perfect “pillar” of many changing technologies, which will affect our education, management, consumption, governance, and communication methods.


In the block chain economic era, when the hurricane, super grapefruit Ecology optimization Conservation Super (hereinafter referred to as EOCS) came into being. EOCS by the EOS Air Club (EOSAIR) was released, is a commercial distributed application design of a block chain operating system. EOCS adopts the dpos (Trust certificate) Consensus mechanism, by the Community election of trusted accounts (trustee, the number of votes before the rank) to create a block, characterized by a short block time, high efficiency, Hardly forked.


By building EOCS ecological entrance , EOCS realizes the landing of various functions in ecology and becomes the EOCS Flow inlet. At the same time, through the initiation of the main chain across the chain technology and the block chain of the bottom operating system improvement and improvement, become EOCS ecosystem application Landing closed-loop project, at the same time, in EOCS ecological Construction , EOCS All the rewards from the node will be put into EOCS ‘s ecological construction. EOCS aims to build the most powerful decentralized application infrastructure, the scalability and flexibility of EOCS ecosystems will make an outstanding contribution to the development of block chain technology.


With the development of the block chain, many block chain platforms have sprung up like mushrooms, andEOCS has an extraordinary advantage over other slow-throughput and backward block chain platforms:



1 、EOCS Data Processing Fast

EOCS through the parallel chain and dpos solution of the delay and data throughput problems, millions other processing per second, and bitcoin per second or so, ether Square is a second 30-40 pen;


2 、EOCS “0” handling charges

EOCS There is no handling charge and the general audience is wider. EOCS on the development of Dapp, the network and computing resources need to be allocated according to the EOCS of the developer. With the development of Dapp , you can lease the EOCS in your hand for others to use.


3 、EOCS High Security

EOCS the data is a linked chain, each chain contains a cryptographic operation of the field, this encryption operation to ensure that the different content of the results of the operation of the same, so as to ensure that access to data is not forged, thus the user’s data to play a protective role.


4、EOCS High privacy

EOCS based on the central feature of the Block chain, all the data generated by the society is stored in the user’s own ” free Database “, that is, each user is a terminal, the user has all the rights and interests to process the data, and the user information is not filtered and obtained by the platform. Its end-to-end encryption algorithm, no one can access the user’s private conversation. This also guarantees the user data security as well as the privacy.


In short, in the block chain economic speed of the era, Ecology optimization Conservation Super will continue to subvert the traditional block chain technology, and the block chain technology applied to more service scenarios, is expected to create a real sense of the central service block chain system, committed to promoting a new round of technological innovation and industrial change, for all mankind to create a more secure, transparent and reliable new society.