EOC will subvert traditional block chain technology

In 2017 , block chain by virtue of its unique advantages of the Internet, even considered as “the steam engine, electrification, computer after the fourth industrial revolution of important results.” “It is expected that before the 2025 Year, the 10% of the total global GDP will be stored using block-chain technology.”

In essence, block chains are a growing list of transactions that are validated, permanently documented, and linked in chronological order. In the future, the block chain will be the perfect “pillar” of many changing technologies, which will affect our education, management, consumption, governance, and communication methods.

In the block chain economic era, when the hurricane, Ecology Optimization Conservation Ecology optimization Conservation(hereinafter referred to as EOC) came into being. The EOC is a block chain operating system designed for commercial distributed applications by the birth of the EOS Air Club (Eosair). EOC uses the dpos(trust proof) consensus mechanism to create blocks of trusted accounts (trustee, before the number of votes) in the community elections, which are characterized by short blocks of time, high efficiency and little bifurcation.

By building the EOC Ecological Portal, EOC realizes the landing of various functions in the ecosystem and becomes the EOC traffic entry. At the same time, through the initiation of the main chain across the chain technology and the block chain of the underlying operating system improvement and improvement, to become the EOC ecosystem application Landing closed-loop project, in the EOC ecological Construction,EOC All the rewards from the node will be invested in the ecological construction of EOC . EOC is designed to build the most powerful decentralized application infrastructure, and the scalability and flexibility of theEOC ecosystem will make an outstanding contribution to the development of block-chain technology.

With the rapid development of the block chain, many block chain platforms springing up like mushrooms, theEOC has an extraordinary advantage over other slow-throughput, technologically backward block-chain platforms:

1 、EOC Fast Data processing

EOC solves the challenges of latency and data throughput through parallel chains and Dpos , millions other processing per second, and bits per second 7 pens, and Ethernet square is a 30-40 pen per second;

2 、EOC“ 0”handling fee

EOC There is no handling charge and the general audience is wider. Dappis developed on EOC , and the network and computing resources that are used are allocated in proportion to the EOC owned by the developer. With the development of Dapp , you can lease the EOC in your hand for others to use.

3、EOC High Security

EOC the data on the is a linked chain, each chain contains a cryptographic operation of the field, this cryptographic operation to ensure that the different content of the results of the operation of a certain difference, so as to ensure that access to data is not forged, so that the user’s data to play a protective role.

4 、EOC High privacy

EOC based on the central feature of the Block chain, all the data generated by the society is stored in the user’s own free database, that is, each user is a terminal, the user has all the rights to process the data, the user information is not filtered and obtained by the platform. Its end-to-end encryption algorithm, no one can access the user’s private conversation. This also guarantees the user data security as well as the privacy.

In short, in the block chain economic speed of the era, Ecology Optimization Conservation (Ecology optimization Conservation) will continue to subvert the traditional block chain technology, and the block chain technology applied to more service scenarios, is expected to create a real sense of the central service block chain system, committed to promoting a new round of technological innovation and industrial change, for all mankind to create a more secure, transparent and reliable new society.