Endeavor to Develop Fashion Industry and Create the City Card

Grand Opening of Boao International Fashion Week in 2018

Beside the Wanquan riverside, the spring tide is surging. 0n February 1st, 2018 Boao International Fashion Week had its grand opening in Boao, Qionghai, Hainan. The current Boao fashion week is co-hosted by the Qionghai Municipal People’s Government, Hainan Coconut Music and Cultural Development Co., Ltd. More than 300 elites from home and abroad attended the opening ceremony to participate in and witness this fashion feast. Chen Yi Bo, deputy inspector of Tourism Development Commission of Hainan Province, and Hong Feng, vice mayor of Qionghai Municipal People’s Government, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. With the opening of the International Fashion Week, Boao will strive to create new business cards of the world, arts and fashion, carry forward Hainan native culture and promote international cultural exchange and sharing.

It is reported that the headquarter of Coconut International Arts and Culture Media Group, Hong Kong, is mainly engaged in cultural communication in the professional field of the fashion art industry. It has been involved in hosting the 2015 Summer Solstice Music Festival in Haikou, and 2017 Danzhou and South Korea Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art, having a wealth of experience in large-scale international arts and cultural activities. In 2017, coconut officially settled in Qionghai, Hainan, being committed to Hainan international tourism island international cultural promotion and dissemination.


The current Boao International Fashion Week lasts for five days, with totally 11 shows. 20 new wave well-dressed fashion designers from 10 countries will appear on the show with 20 brands. They will prepare a feast of fashion and art together for everyone to set off an International fashion storm. Well-known brands participating in the show include SLAVA ZAITSEV, Alexander King Chen, π and so on. Meanwhile, for the first time, international fashion brands selected the All-Asian Supermodel legion to showcase China’s fashion image at an international level.


At the opening ceremony, Chen Yi, Deputy Inspector of Tourism Development Commission of Hainan Province, pointed out that comprehensively promoting the integration and innovation of fashion industry and urban development is also a new path, a new mode and a new mode of achieving sustainable economic development. Boao International Fashion Week uses this event to create and meet new aesthetic needs. It is sensitive to the trend of the times, and it sparks inspirations and digs out new value in traditional elements and real life to create new value and creates its own successful road in an international perspective and to promote the development and change of fashion and design patterns. At the same time, Hainan Province will also continue to optimize the business environment and strengthen industrial support to meet global industry chain needs of the vast number of enterprises from design and manufacturing to brand promotion and operation of the exhibition industry and trade logistics.


With the opening of the Fashion Week, Qionghai will also take this as an opportunity to accelerate the rapid development of fashion industry and cultural industry. Hongfeng, Vice Mayor of Qionghai Municipal People’s Government, pointed out at the opening ceremony that Qionghai will seize the opportunity to face Hainan, face China, face the world and the future and gradually create the world •  fashion • Boao Business card through the Boao International Fashion Week.


What is particularly worth mentioning is the scene of the opening ceremony. Always in Boao is co-created by coconut music brand founder, well-known musician EVA and well-known French musician Dai Liang, which is their creation specifically for Boao, sung in Chinese, English, French, and Russian. The lyrics in Chinese are full of integration of ancient poetry, with the very Chinese style. It is also the first public appearance of the song Forever in Boao, and the song’s MTV is also unveiled.


It is reported that this Fashion Week will also hold 4 fashion forums such as Thai fashion attitude forum. Fashion Week is an exit for art to find the public and let the public know fashion. Boao International Fashion Week will gather multinational fashion brands and designers, cross-border artists, and musicians. They will sing for Boao, forming the new business card of “internationality, art, fashion”, to attract the attention of the world with a more people-friendly way.