EMT.wiki Published Pre-Launch Whitepaper on Electronic Music Website Blockchain EMT Chain

The EMT Chain is an electronic music website blockchain which is distributed around the globe. The concept of a Blockchain is about a ledger database which is primarily dispensed and disintegrated. The Chain is supposed to be a countermeasure to the impediment that digital music is facing today. Recently, EMT.wiki, a tech startup which aims to subvert original music ecology with blockchain, came up with a white paper on EMT Chain, which is an electronic music website blockchain.

At a recent press conference, a senior official was quoted as saying, “It’s a fact that while all music lovers have welcomed the digitization of music, piracy and plagiarism has bit into the dividends of the music labels as well as the royalties of the musicians. A low-clarity in sales figures leads to low payments and the artists are the worst sufferers. The Blockchain makes a difference here. People can access the fragmented database that is distributed across all quarters of the internet. Blockchain’s architecture is an invariable one, which can be spread and shared to fix the current cataclysm that is plaguing the music industry.”

He recounted, “EMT Chain Electric Music Chain or EMT Chain is adept at solving many woeful aspects in the digital music industry in the current scenario. Its characteristics are pretty much effective in the fields of electronic music copyright, chain of royalty payment, pirated electronic music and domestic electronic music industry environment. The white paper delivers all the details and various knowhow of the EMT Chain. It refers to the background of the Blockchain and electronic music industry, economic and business model, technical framework, and risk factors.”

According to the CEO and managing director of EMT.wiki, the technology can build up a sturdy environment for both the artists and the makers. Based on this technology, the EMT Chain Electric Music Chain assimilates the dominant aspects of the music industry. “The white paper provides all the fundamental concepts of the EMT Chain. Be it any technical inquisition, the white paper is just everything one needs to know about EMT Chain,” he stated.

About the Company

EMT Chain is being considered as the neutralizer to the clog that is proving to be detrimental for the electronic music industry.

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