Eight Authoritative Media, Including Wikifx And Fx110, Are Unanimously Optimistic About Global Investment Bank And GIB Capital Group By Giving Extremely High Evaluations


Recently, eight authoritative media, including WikiFx, Fx110, Golden Toutiao, SL top news, FX110, FX678, FX007, and Forex Top jointly reported on GIB Global Investment Bank and GIB Capital Group. All media are unanimously optimistic about Global Investment Bank and GIB Capital Group, and fully affirmed as well as highly praising the rankings and ratings. In the report, many media pointed out that GIB Capital Group aims to build a world-leading diversified financial service platform.

According to data from authoritative data gathered from WikiFx, FX007, and FX110, GIB Capital Group is currently at the top ranking, second only to well-known domestic banks such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Guangfa Bank. Two weeks ago, GIB Capital Group did not even show its brilliance, but now it has achieved with an excellent performance on the Index—GIB Capital Group Index 2.35, License Index 7.91, Risk Index 8.22, Software Index 6.13, Regulatory Index 7.88, with a total score of 6.95, which is a fantastic result of 0.5 higher than the average of the entire ranking. Within just two weeks, the reviews hit a record high.

GIB Capital Group (referred to as GIB) was established in Australia in 2018. It was co-founded by professionals in the fields including but not limited to finance foreign exchange and investment. It aims to provide world-leading fund management services and develop into a diversified financial transaction platform. Since its establishment, GIB has focused on providing customers with multi-functional, diversified and efficient financial tools and financial services, so that customers can have more choices and be able to make productive portfolio investments and diversify risks.

At present, GIB attaches great importance to users’ investment and fund security and has launched a detailed funds security plan. The plan has been approved by a number of internationally renowned financial regulatory agencies, including National Futures Association (NFA), Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) under the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Australian Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC), and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, most of the GIB’s major brokerage licenses have been approved, and all licenses have reached the final stage of checking the assets of the top management and the legal person.

The reason why GIB was able to win an excellent ranking with positive reviews in the short term is its recent outstanding performance. According to related news, the world’s first LP MAM+5A model originated from GIB has been fully upgraded to MT5, and it has recently made a profit of up to 60%.

What is MT5?

Compared with MT4, MT5 has substantial breakthroughs in hardware, performance, and functions. The features and advantages demonstrated are:

1. Provides 21 types of timetables

2. MT5 is available in Chinese search based on MT4.

3. There is no upper limit on the number of MT5 products, which can be processed simultaneously.

4. MT5 embeds the MQL5 community chat function, and you can directly chat with other traders on the trading software, or you can chat in groups.

5. MT5 has multiple time frames. The setting time can be customized.

6. MT5 has a built-in global economic calendar, allowing traders to react quickly to critical financial events/data announcements and enter the market immediately to place orders.

7. MT5 supports faster data downloader and more professional strategy backtesting. The historical data is automatically downloaded, and the test speed is faster than MT4. At the same time, MT5 also added the function of simulating price delay, which can make the backtest results of Expert Advisors closer to the real market environment.

8. MT5 adds New technical indicators and analysis tools.

9. Compared with MT4, MT5 contains six types of pending orders: buy limit, sell limit, buy stop and sell stop, buy stop limit, and sell stop limit.

10. Developed in a 64-bit operating system environment, MT5 is equipped with four independent servers: Access Server, Trade Server, History Server, and Backup Server.

11. MT5 provides 38 built-in indicators, 22 analysis tools, and 46 images, as well as alignments.

12. The trading products of MT5 are more abundant, supporting the trading of foreign exchange, futures, stocks, bonds, and CFD products to meet the trading and the analysis needs of different investors.

13. Guarantees transparency and market intuition.

Through the “MT5 client”, customers can watch the real floating transactions of each position on the spot and can see the names of the retail dealers and retail enterprise traffic from which each order comes. MT5 bridge will also show that every MT5 transaction can match the record of the clearing bank. The monthly clearing report will also display the delivery orders of the traffic and retail brokers.

By providing the industry’s leading MetaTrader 5 (MT5) online trading platform, GIB helps users conduct foreign exchange transactions with regulated and authorized brokers. At the same time, users can trade CFD and enjoy customer service in multiple languages, five days a week, 24/7. Spreads in the MT5 platform start from 0 points, allowing users to experience the smoothest liquidity and lowest spreads online transactions.

Besides, GIB’s AI artificial intelligence quantitative trading system has also gained significant benefits. Relevant data shows that from July 2020, its AI artificial intelligence quantitative trading system can make a profit of 63,334.22 USDT in one day, and a profit of nearly 2,168,405.59 USDT in 7 days. The total profit so far is as high as 23,510,581.91 USDT. With such amazing results, it is no wonder that there is a strong recent upward trend made by GIB.

What Is An AI Artificial Intelligence Quantitative Trading System?

Quantitative investment uses the powerful information processing capabilities of the computer system to analyze the large amount of data collected to not only establish a mathematical model but also make investment decisions based on the results of the model. In terms of efficiency, accuracy, and stability, traditional investments have been reshaped and upgraded by this cutting-edge system. Most of the quantitative transactions currently seen in the market have some kind of transaction logic behind them. The establishment of each quantitative trading strategy requires the input of factors associated with this set of logic, such as historical performance, company financial data, macroeconomic data, and upstream and downstream supplier data. After establishing a set of models with these factors, the system will be able to generate investment portfolios and the corresponding position management strategy. At present, the application scenarios of quantitative investment are mainly in three areas: investment trading, asset management, and AI-advisor.

With the rise of artificial intelligence in recent years, breakthroughs in AI technology itself are advancing the application scenarios of various subdivision tracks. The development of artificial intelligence has moved from the “reasoning era,” where logic can be inferred from the “knowledge engineering era” of learning expert systems. After precipitation and accumulation in the era of data mining and big data, it has now entered the era of neural network deep learning. Based on the quantitative investment of artificial intelligence deep learning technology, the technical conditions themselves are already matured.

AI artificial intelligence quantitative trading system is a combination of machine learning and distributed ledger technology and other cutting-edge innovative AI technologies. It can quickly and effectively provide customers with high-quality financial solutions. Through the AI ​​artificial intelligence quantitative trading system, GIB can achieve precise services, providing more precise financial services to different customers and tailor-made financial solutions that meet their needs.

Life is never a planned trip. The progress of the world is actually a game of the brave.

The growth of an enterprise is like the growth of a human being. It is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. It is a growth “gene” that promotes the continuous differentiation of the enterprise system’s internal organization and function, thereby promoting the continuous expansion and metabolism of the enterprise system body and continually adapting to the environment to form a process of positive interaction with the environment. Accordingly, the enterprise’s internal quality is improved, the external value network is optimized, and the practical business model, corporate strategy, and strategy are used to win competitive market advantages to grow into a high-quality enterprise. 

The growth of an enterprise often requires four elements: foresight, strategy, resources, and talent. These four elements are indispensable. Doing business is like building a dam. If these four elements are blocked, the water level will become higher and higher. The higher the accumulation of the four elements, the more muscular the competitive strength. This is the process of potential energy accumulation. From the recent data obtained from the authoritative media and its excellent performance, GIB undoubtedly is well equipped with all elements and thrives to become the world-leading fund management services as a diversified financial transaction platform.