DNY, the seventh side chain of CTC Global Cultural Tourism Public Chain, officially launched


Daniel Smith, CEO of Singapore’s Fund Management Agency and CEO of CTC, held a press conference with Centre One Tours, a well-known local travel company in Sydney, New Zealand’s largest city, at the CTC Singapore headquarters on September 25th. , And signed a strategic cooperation agreement, announcing the official launch of DNY, the seventh side chain of CTC Global Cultural Tourism Public Chain.

At the press conference,The CEO、CTC chief executive of Singapore’s Foundation Daniel Smith praised Sydney’s economic strength and scenic spots. The seventh side chain of CTC global travel chain was also announced on the spot. The DNY operation center was set up in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, Australia, and reached a strategic consensus with Centre One Tours local famous travel companies.

After DNY goes online, it will increase the global consensus of the blockchain and cultural tourism industry, and it will also double the value of digital cultural tourism projects such as DNY and CTC. Centre One Tours, an early travel company founded in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, has a wide range of user groups and partners around the world.

As Australia’s oldest, largest and most elegant city, beautiful Sydney makes every visitor feel different. Wide sandy beaches and sightseeing cruises make this port city a holiday destination for a perfect vacation. First-class dining, shopping and cultural buildings such as the iconic Sydney Opera House attract tourists who seek and enrich their travel experience.

National parks surround the city, and Sydney is a convenient adventure destination in Australia’s diverse natural environment. Whether climbing the harbour bridge or exploring the history and legends of aboriginal people, as a tourist destination, the capital of New South Wales has never disappointed.

In the second half of 2020, the global cultural and tourism industry that has been hit hard by the new crown epidemic has emerged from the haze and has begun to recover rapidly. Travel is one of the most flexible industries in the world. The basic needs economy of industries based on the growing global middle class, as well as financial means and the desire to explore the world, have not been affected.

Both CTC and DNY agree that the cultural and tourism industry is simultaneously facing major development opportunities and challenges in the digital economy era. Digital transformation and upgrading have become the focus of current commercial competition. The intervention of blockchain technology will make the traditional cultural and tourism industry more exciting. Great business vitality and energy, and continue to empower the diversified ecology of the digital economy.