Digital cash – super Ethernet, the mainstream trend in the future

” the future has come, but not yet popular” block chain has entered our field of vision, a new technological revolution is waiting for us.

Block chain technology is gradually known by relying on digital cash, and digital cash is growing and growing by relying on block chain technology. Relatively independent of each other, and rely on each other, quite interesting. In general, digital assets include anything that exists in binary form in any form and has ownership attributes. In a narrower sense, digital assets refer to non-monetary assets held for sale in daily life in the form of electronic data, which are typically financial products such as stocks andbonds.

Conceptually, there are different forms of electronic payment in digital cash, and in fact electronic payment itself has the attributes of digital cash. It need to be made clear that that study of digital cash is not to achieve the application of some technical scheme of money, but to pursue the retail payment system is convenient and fast, while ensuring security and protect privacy, these things can be both distributed accounting based on digital cash, also can be based on the existing electronic payment technology evolved from the current international technical route for digital cash has a preliminary classification, shows that there are multiple possible system.

The development of digital cash is not only the inevitability of technological development, the future may be the traditional paper currency coins will gradually shrink, even there is a stage does not exist. In the whole process, we should pay attention to the overall financial stability, risk prevention, one of the core elements of super Ethernet is to ensure the monetary policy transmission mechanism and financial stability, while protecting consumers.

Super Ethernet itself as a virtual currency system, the total amount of super Ethernet is limited by the network consensus protocol, no individual or organization can modify the supply and transaction records. In the testing phase of successful operation of super Ethernet, some financial institutions began to realize that the underlying technology supporting super Ethernet operation – block chain is actually a very clever distributed shared books and point-to-point value transfer technology, the potential impact on finance and even all walks of life may be no less than the invention of double entry bookkeeping.

” I hope every investor in the choice of investment, choose to a desirable sedate rising digital cash, realize their dream of wealth freedom! And the super Ethernet we’ve developed is just a choice for a wide range of investors, ” said the founder and CEO of the super Ethernet team.

Danny Wen, founder and CEO of super Ethernet. Received a Ph.D. in particle physics from the southern Council university in 2001. Former co-founder and chief operating officer of light in the box, a new York stock exchange listed company. Harvest was founded in 2006 in a small office in downtown new York. After more than a decade of platform and e-commerce experience, he is a digital agency that provides a full range of services to large customers and realizes that no one has yet come up with a common solution for the centralization of leaders and encrypted currency traders. Speaking of the first crab eaters, he was one of the first in the Netherlands to buy pizza in bitcoin.







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