Digital assets – super development prospects


Digital assets and block chains themselves have natural affinity. In general, digital assets include anything that exists in binary format and has ownership properties. In relatively narrow understanding, digital assets is in the form of electronic data, held for sale in our daily life of non-monetary assets, typically are stocks, bonds and other financial products.

The development of digital currency is not only the inevitability of technological development, but also the possibility that traditional paper currency COINS will gradually shrink in the future, even in one stage. In the whole process, we should pay attention to the overall financial stability and prevent risks. The digital currency should guarantee the transmission mechanism of monetary policy and financial stability while protecting consumers. Some technical solutions may be risky and harmful to consumers. As our major economy, we should avoid these losses, and we should fully test them in the process, and we will promote them in the future.

Super for short: SPETH. The goal is to realize the new smart digital transaction currency. In the super-etheric books, the data has a meaning beyond the books – they are programmable. This is a qualitative change. Because of the programmable nature of the block chain, the super Ethernet is not just a common transaction, but an intelligent transaction that can be executed automatically based on the program.

Overview as shown in the diagram, we can see the etheric system by the user (the user through the key control wallet), trade (every transaction will be broadcast to the entire super Ethernet) and miners (generated by competition calculation agreed on each node of the chain block, block chain is a distributed public authority books, contains a super Ethernet networks of all the transactions happened). The system will examine the interactions between the parts from the perspective of the entire super-etheric system by tracking a transaction that is transmitted over the network.

“In the future, the opportunities for startups in the area of blockchain tend to be deep.” Ant financial vice President and technical laboratory director jiang guofei thought.

“There is an opportunity for small and medium-sized companies with a deep understanding of the industry scene and the blockchain,” said CAI yogo, general manager of tencent’s block chain products.

Is the life cycle of a startup going to be a month, a fast train, or a car?

The choice of many companies has clearly answered this question.