DHG Is Approaching and Blockchain Technology Launches 3.0 Era


DHG, a US-Japan cross-border Blockchain core research and development team just announced that the DHG, a blockchain technology integrated application platform would be officially released, and it was expected to launch a 3.0 era of blockchain technology according to the introduction.
DHG (Distributed Hybrid Global) is an integrated application platform for blockchain technology, blends with many blockchain cutting-edge technologies including UTXO, Sidechain, Merge-Mining and Smart Contract, improves and expands blockchain physical layer as well as establishes an initial form of Internet of Things.
Daniel Gibson, the designer of DHG blockchain believes that since the 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto released a Bitcoin white paper, the blockchain technology has gone through a 1.0 “Coin” Era when Bitcoin, Levin coins and Dash adopt UTXO model and POW workload proof ways, and a 2.0 “Chain” Era when intelligent contract platform and distributed application of the physical layer are adopted by Ethereum as a representative, however, the blockchain and Smart Contract are far from perfect as a result of complicated technologies and fault-tolerant costs. Considering this, DHG proposes chain technology for next generation combining sidechain technology, Merge-Mining, SPV verification and Smart Contract, which is also known as 3.0 “Network” Era.
It is said that DHG will play a significantly important role in applications like digital assets, data confirmation right, blockchain finance and social governance.