DF Exchange Launches Super Favorable News


The establishment of DF exchange uses the underlying technology of radar system, a star project once founded by the US Radar Laboratory. Radar system is a global currency exchange system that helps users to make payments and transfers easily, quickly and at low cost. As early as October 25, 2014 in GitHub, radar wallet, a core product developed by radar system based on RTXP international money agreement, quickly accumulated 10 million users and achieved great response in the market. When the market value is the highest, it is equivalent to the Ripple and becomes the main choice for international settlement together with Ripple.

In May 2020, US Radar Laboratory formally cooperated with DF Exchange in strategy. In order to facilitate users from both sides to use encrypted wallets, the exchange of radar wallet accounts and DF exchange wallet accounts has been completed, allowing users from all over the world to log in to DF exchange with one click, officially opening the global ecological layout of DF exchange.

DF exchange is a Turing complete industrial blockchain platform, which can realize cross chain trading and multi asset exchange. The aim is to create an autonomous management system of multi-asset exchange with the concepts of openness, fairness and interconnection. In terms of technology, it is a financial service ecological platform based on distributed account book and block chain technology, with the business scenario integrating decentralized financial technical facilities such as decentralized stable currency, decentralized community crowdfunding, decentralized wallet, cloud exchange, market forecast, asset management, inclusive finance and electronic citizen information system.

Both sides will deeply embed their own advantages in block chain, and make joint efforts in the research and development of the bottom layer of block chain technology and market development. In terms of technology, DFM will integrate some technologies of radar coins, and a distributed network based on RTXP protocol will provide a common general ledger shared by the whole network. The built-in source currency DFM will be publicly and transparently issued, and a large number of DFM tokens will be issued daily in new currency according to the specific currency holding amount and promotion relationship algorithm of the core program. These new coins will be directly allocated to the system promoters by the built-in algorithm, thus providing power for the decentralization and transparent stability of the whole system. DFM belongs to the common ownership of all participants and participates in the governance of this decentralized network according to the number of tokens held. It is not controlled by any central organization.

In terms of operation, both sides formally joined forces in the global international market and took the lead in the Southeast Asian market and European and American countries. Southeast Asian countries generally lack good block chain infrastructure, and with a large number of financial activities, the acceptance of decentralized financial facilities is very high. European and American countries are the birthplace of block chain technology. There are many kinds of active local communities. Their enthusiasm for participating in international block chain projects has always been high.

DF exchange will realize the global ecological layout, and provide an open and free high encryption trading platform for the global digital asset enthusiasts to create a decentralized global encryption currency ecological circulation.