Dean of the School of Computer Science of Guangdong Ocean University Xie Shiyi announced to join EtherUniverse (ETU) as Academic Advisor


On July the 4th, the international underlying project EtherUniverse team conducted in-depth exchanges with the Dean of the School of Computer Science of Guangdong Ocean University Xie Shiyi, and announced Dean Xie’s join-in as academic advisor. Dean Xie Shiyi is also the executive director of the Guangdong Computer Society, the major project evaluation expert of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, and on of the most famous expert Professor in computer science.
Mathematics is the important cornerstone of blockchain development, while strong research and development force is the basis of the research and development of safe and reliable blockchain. Xie Shiyi has a series of outstanding achievements in acdamic field, inluding one first prize for scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Aviation, one second-class merit, five municipal-level achievement awards, and published more than 40 research papers.

Cross-chain technology is believed to be the next breakthrough of the blockchain industry. As the world’s first high-performance cross-chain service platform adopting DPoS mechanism, EtherUniverse successfully achieved the balance of security, high performance and decentralization of blockchain by making bold innovations. They pioneer the“notary public mechanism + side chain” hybrid technology, where sidechain to achieve efficient communication, and the notary mechanism to achieve rapid value exchange. Currently, EtherUniverse supports more than 700 digital currency in peer-to-peer exchange, and achieved high tps of 40,0000, hundres of times of that of Etherum. Its huge commercial potential has been recognized by more and more investors and industry insiders, and has just raised $10million in its first round of domestic funding.

Started in February, the members of EtherUniverse telegram community have reached over 230,000+ in four months, and is still increasing at an incredible speed. Its oversea popularity ranks among the top 8 in the global blockchain community, second only to the star projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and EOS.

As is reported, Dean Xie Shiyi will serve as an academic advisor to ETU, providing academic guidance for the development of the EtherUniverse project, and solutions for ETU’s cross-chain big data storage, data content analysis and application, while integrating top technology resources with ETU team to facilitate the academics progress of the project. The join in of Dean Xie is undoubtedly of great importance to the technological improvement and innovation of EtherUniverse.