Datumesh Ladányi Gábor:To Create a Data Exchange Public Chain of Co-ownership, Co-construction & Share Globally


Datumesh CEO Ladányi Gábo has not been able to boost its work more than once due to problems of data link in its previous work experience. In 2015, the technology of blockchain was noticed, after 2 years of in-depth study, a global high-performance data storage sharing platform of co-ownership, co-construction and share was decided to be created, and Datumesh was born, and was gradually won attention by Andrew Capital,Block chain Competence Center. In early August in 2018, angel round has been finished and is entering into ecological nodes and community building stage.


Datumesh is a comprehensive solution based on ecological data sharing in the development of blockchain technology and compressed data transfer cost, which can solve all the data storage and sharing issues for all industries and users through DAG structure, Byzantine fault-tolerance, IPFS interplanetary file transfer system , URI reuse, LOD publish and RDF link mechanism. Aiming at the islanding status of original blockchain cross link communications, we are currently adopting concept validation of cross link communications.


Datumesh comprehensively considers and studied the side chain technology represented by Blockstream and the relay technology represented by BTC-Relay, absorbs the the attention of early cross-chain technology to asset transfer, as well as the thoughtfulness of the current state of the project to the transition chain. In addition, according to the limitation existing in blockchain itself, it positively drives improvement and innovation, continues to use dual-anchor in early phase cross chain technology and cross-chain smart contract, and gives every node different division, states and so on.

Through the comprehensive application of cross-chain communication between side chain and repeater mode, cross-chain communication of notary mechanism and hashed locked cross-chain communication, Datumesh realized asset transformation of cross-chain, delivery versus payment (dvp), assets under lien and general cross chain contracts.


On the basis of foundation programme of work, with the appropriate permission, Datumesh founding team predicts to complete global node deployment plan and establish self-made community for enthusiasts from all over the world in September, 2018, to synchronize global roadshows. It will carry out replacement business within five intercontinental scope in October 2018, and launch the on-line exchange in November 2018.

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