Cypherium’s Virtual machine guarantees success of smart contracts


Cypherium (, a new blockchain network that utilizes a highly scalable and permission-less hybrid platform, recently launched a new version of virtual machine technology that guarantees a successful outcome for smart contracts.


The Cypherium virtual machine not only assures a that a transaction is valid (with the proper encoding and signatures) but also guarantees that running one smart contract on the blockchain will not interfere with the terms of another.


In basic terms, Cypherium’s virtual machine is a secure, trustless runtime environment that allows anyone and everyone to execute an arbitrary code. Thus anyone can execute the contract, but no one can violate its design or change its intended outcomes. The virtual machine works as a simulated computer, where various types of hardware devices can access the simulation and perform its operations.


This is a critical element in operating an effective blockchain platform. Cypherium’s virtual machine ensures that permission-less, trustless code will scale effectively. As blockchain participants, organizations and corporations continue their dramatic growth, the Virtual machine protects their interests 24/7; one line of faulty code could have catastrophic consequences.


In addition to hosting the script, however, a successful third-generation blockchain also needs to effectively execute its contracts.


Why the Cypherium VM is more effective

Other blockchain-based platforms, such as Ethereum, also offer virtual machine technology. Cypherium, however, has made several crucial innovations that make the virtual machine more efficient and effective.


First, the Cypherium virtual machine provides scalable implementation of a smart contract. This is accomplished through the use of Dalvik architecture, SafeMath, fixed-point representation, and 64-bit words.


The Ethereum virtual machine uses stack-based architecture, which has the advantage of rigidity in an open system; only the data stored at the top is available for recall. On the other hand, Cypherium’s virtual machine uses Dalvik architecture, which is register-based, making it faster and more openly available. Using this type of lightweight architecture enables the Cypherium virtual machine to operate on mobile devices.


Since smart contract codes can overflow or project past numerical values outside their representable range, these programs can contain traps, which might not be immediately apparent. Over hundreds of ERC-20 smart contracts have been found to contain overflow vulnerabilities or have been attacked. To prevent this, those using the Ethereum virtual machines must check each code with SafeMath. The Cypherium virtual machine does this automatically.


In addition the Ethereum virtual machine does not support fixed point representation but Cypherium’s VM does. Fixed-point representation is enables low-cost embedded chip-technology in payment cards, making it a critical element in virtually all business transactions.


The Cypherium virtual machine uses 64-bit integers and arithmetic, which saves money and time. It can be easily integrated into most CPUs, which use either 32-bit or 64-bit processors. Ethereum’s virtual machine utilizes 256-bit word as its base data type, which is extremely inefficient.


Growth of blockchains

Although the general public has just a casual awareness of blockchain technology, members of the business community are embracing this platform as a means to increase their profit margins and cut down on unnecessary expenses.


“Many businessmen are beginning to understand the unlimited potential of distributed ledger technologies as smart contract platforms,” said xxxx xxxxxx. “People in a wide range of business, law, and tech industries are spreading the word to friends, co-workers and family members.


“Blockchain is the future of successful business operations. It can and will change the entire business landscape.”



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