Curry Protocol—New Generation of DeFi Protocol


Since 2018, the decentralized financial market has flourished. The latest data shows that the total transaction volume of Ethereum DAPP in the second quarter of 2020 was US$14.27 billion, an increase of 334% over the same period of last year. Compared with the same period in 2019, transactions of financial Dapp reached US$9.5 billion in the second quarter of 2020, an increase of 1391.2% than last year. Transactions in Exchange Dapp reached US$4.21 billion, an increase of 101.6% than last year.

At the same time, the development of DeFi has set off a storm in the global financial market, which has caused a short-term blood draw effect on the traditional financial market, and hot money has continuously poured into this market. This is because DeFi is an open source Fin-tech platform that without traditional technical debt and is based on a transparent and sound economic and monetary policy.

More importantly, DeFi found its own innovation from “0 to 1” in the liquidity agreement. On the way of the continuous innovation of trading and market making through smart contracts, DeFi protocols, smart contracts, and code libraries are emerging for every type of financial instrument (some of which were not even possible before). Since DeFi is both standardized and compassable, the design space for finance and financial services will increase exponentially. Through DeFi, access to any type of sound transaction or financial instrument is possible for anyone in the world who has an Internet connection.

But for the users, DeFi has high barriers, poor liquidity, no Fiat channels, immature technology, and lack of user education, which limits the development of DeFi to a small group of people.

In addition, at this stage, DeFi technology is not yet mature enough, so the development of DeFi is still at its early stage. Once the DeFi technology stack matures and the DeFi economy grows to a sufficient scale, every product or company built on the traditional financial technology stack will find it extremely difficult to compete with DeFi products.

At this point, Curry Protocol is at the forefront.

The Curry protocol is a Full Stake DeFi service platform, which aims to solve the problems of opacity and falsification in traditional financial market, and advocates the idea of ​​complete decentralization. The services provided by the platform includes: Curry DAO Pool ,Lending agreement, Insurance agreement and credit delegation, etc., and will gradually expand to decentralized futures and leveraged trading, liquidation and other ecological services in the later stage.

Curry is a professional and comprehensive financial service platform that integrates decentralized trading, lending, insurance and credit delegation. It aims to solve the problems of traditional financial and centralized exchanges, such as opacity and easy tampering, and advocates the idea of ​​complete decentralization, so that participants can stay away from any shackles of centralized institutions.

Curry’s advantage is very obvious, the top technical team, more complete security barriers,efficient, transparent, large volume and liquidity. For users, using Curry platform means lower time cost, more flexible cycle, more effective benchmarking, and more optimized process.

At present, Curry’s products have been gradually launched. The first Curry DAO mining pool to be launched has three mining pools for community players to participate in, namely ETH/LTT, ETH/CURRY, and LTT/CURRY. The income of the mining pool is completely open and transparent, and players can choose to participate according to their own circumstances.

On the Curry platform, you can not only participate in lending, insurance, and trading, but you can also inject liquidity into the entire system and obtain unexpected benefits; at the same time, the Curry you hold will increase due to the increase of the assets in the entire platform.

If you are willing to participate in DeFi, Curry would be the best choice!

Curry will be launch on Uniswap soon. Players who want to participate in early mining can prepare ETH and LTT in advance. LTT can currently be purchased at WBF and Hotcoin Exchange.

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