Cristiano Natural Juice Has Proven Abilities To Heal Coronary Pneumonia


Cristiano Natural Juice created by Christine Fung with wild prickly pear essence is supposed to be an answer to help healing coronary pneumonia.

Cristiano Natural Juice, a therapeutic juice prepared by celebrity Christina Fung, contains wild prickly pear essence, an ingredient which is believed to be extremely powerful in healing coronary pneumonia. While the ongoing pandemic comes in the form of coronary pneumonia and patients experience sudden spike in body temperature, celebrity Christine Fung and movie tycoon Huang Zhanyi (Dee) recently met the local press and talked about the therapeutic abilities of the juice.

Christine (right) is so happy to see Dee (middle) regain his spirit, and hope that Cristiano Natural Juice can help people fighting the COVID-19

During the press meeting, the reporter revealed that Dee had unfortunately suffered from COVID-19 on August 15th and had a fever and loss of appetite.

“At first, I didn’t even know that I had a disease. I felt uncomfortable and had a fever for a few days. I went to see a doctor then, and it was confirmed that I had infected with COVID-19. As soon as Christine learned about my condition, she immediately sent me a dozen of Cristiano Natural Juice and told me that it is good for my illness. After drinking it for 4 days, I found myself slowly recovering from the illness and the hospital authority decided to discharge me”, said Dee. Christine stated that the Cristiano Natural Juice can help anyone to cope with coronary pneumonia.

“Prickly pear” received high attention among Hong Kong people recently due to the effort of Zhong Nanshan, the leader of an expert group working for the National Health Commission and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who had once recommended Guizhou Prickly Pear. He pointed out that at least two hospitals in the Mainland China are using large amount of vitamin C for treatment of critically ill patients. He said that studies have shown that there are as much as 2,300 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of prickly pear.

Christine said that the essence of prickly pear cannot be found in supermarket products. “You must choose 100% pure juice. After fermentation, prickly pear juice becomes rich in SOD, the antioxidant elements that does not only work as anti-aging ingredients, but also helps in preventing chronic diseases. It also can improve the quality of sleep, advance detoxify, protect the liver, lower the blood pressure, ventilate the blood vessels, heal diarrhoea and haemorrhoids and boost your immunity”, she added.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, prickly pear can help increase the immune globulin in the human body and prevent viral infections in the oral mucosa.
A friend of Christine, Mr. Jiang, who also unfortunately infected by COVID-19 and lost his taste for a while. He recovered after drinking Cristiano Natural Juice.
Christine recommends that for adults, once or twice a day, and 15-30ml each time, will be good enough for your health.

About the Company

Cristiano Natural Juice( contains pure wild prickly pear enzyme essence, which is rich in vitamin C, SOD superoxide dismutase. It also contains free amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K1 and carotene and other beneficial ingredients for the human body. It has the effects of improving the body’s immunity, protecting the liver and stomach, recovering from hangover, whitening, anti-aging, blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, removing bad breath, treating diarrhoea and hemorrhoids. This product does not contain any preservatives, pigments and spices, and other chemical reagents.