COS: Digital gold in the content world


Just like the Internet 20 years ago, blockchain technology and its development will make a huge difference to human society.

A rising tide of elite and big players are using blockchain technology to bring innovation in various industries. Contentos (COS) is among them, aiming to build the world’s top decentralized content blockchain.

COS aims to establish the largest digital content public chain in the world, which will define the value of global content. COS will also solve long-standing problems in the content industry to allow quality content creators to gain fair compensation and better protect their assets.

With blockchain technology, COS aims to build a decentralized global ecosystem for digital content, where content can be freely produced, copyright protected, distributed and transacted.

A public content chain is also a “memory chain.” It demonstrates the idea of “I create, therefore I exist.” That is to say, once you create something on a public content chain, you will go down in history forever.

COS is building and optimizing a comprehensive content ecosystem to provide thoughtful solutions for the content industry. COS is committed to playing an important role in content creation innovation and become the digital gold standard in the industry.

COS provides stable, efficient and solid technical support

Technology is the foundation of the blockchain industry. All innovation and development in the industry relies heavily on technical stability. Only with an efficient and solid technological foundation can businesses on the blockchain become valuable and real.

COS is building a stable and comprehensive ecosystem public chain.

The COS team has built an efficient blockchain foundation for the digital content industry. The public chain supports smart contract mechanisms for global content creators, namely multi-signature contracts, batch payment contracts and crowd-funding contracts.

COS has already established a strategic partnership with Ontology. The cooperation helps both parties promote blockchain technology research, Dapp development and community operations.

COS has already set up a batch of Ethereum-based ERC20 contracts, which have been verified and secured according to industry standards.

As blockchain 1.0, Bitcoin suffers from Turing-incompleteness. Ethereum, as blockchain 2.0, also has faced efficiency and security problems. In the development of the COS public chain, the COS team has taken note of these problems. Therefore, they use a PBFT+POS consensus mechanism and IPFS-related features to ensure that data is actually stored on the block.

COS is working on a safer, more reliable and expandable public chain 3.0 version to fulfill the needs of large-scale commercial applications, which we like to call the 3.0 revolution.

COS: The circulation of digital asset starts

The value of a public chain relies on a real and solid product line. From the initial phase of the project development, COS has been working on establishing Dapp integration and partnerships with various products. COS already has a comprehensive product line for token circulation.

In July, 2018, COS began a partnership with short-video app Cheez. COS tokens can be used with various features in the app. Moreover, it is the first time a short-video app has allowed users to earn tokens while enjoying videos.

Cheez users can earn COS token and ETH from watching videos, comments, shares or even mingling in the community.

Cheez has a large user base in Europe and the US. The app is ranked 4th on the App Store video category, just slightly behind YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Through its close cooperation with Cheez, COS not only increases its token circulation scenario and enriches its product line, but also reflects the value of COS, especially when COS goes to exchange in the future.

COS also cooperates with renowned livestreaming app LiveMe and photo-editing platform PhotoGrid. It is without a doubt a win-win situation for both sides since LiveMe and PhotoGrid have a huge number of content creators while COS can guarantee that their value is being appreciated and their work remains secure.

COS and partner apps have introduced digital assets into reward-based systems. This is a first for the content industry. This new attempt not only stimulates users to create more valuable content and establish circulation within the ecosystem, but also helps more users understand blockchain technology and digital assets.

As the world’s leading content public chain, there will be more projects and Dapps with which to integrate in the future, which will stimulate the circulation of the COS token. With the development of the ecosystem, the demand for COS has increased, which will help raise the token value in near future.

COS attracts major investments

As the global leading public chain, COS has over 600 million potential users and over 100,000 content creators. It is the first global project which has a comprehensive product line and blockchain-based technology.

Because of COS’s great potential, the project has gained favor among famous investors. Capital investment institutions, such as Danhua Capital, Node Capital and LD Capital have invested in COS. These investments will help COS speed up the development of its ecosystem and technology, in order to fulfil its goal as the world’s No. 1 content public chain. .

Big market demand and solving industry pain points

“I want to use blockchain technology to solve current pain points in the content creation industry, and I believe COS is the best solution,” said Mick Tasi, co-founder of Contentos.

With the mature development of the global mobile Internet and the rapid spread of smart devices, a huge amount of digital content is now being produced in the form of text, images, video and audio.

The content and traffic generated by billions of global Internet users has created Internet giants such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, who are worth tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars. They control the distribution and access to digital content, as well as revenue allocation. Global advertising revenue in 2016 reached USD 500 billion, while the content industry generated revenue of USD 77.4 billion in China.

However, real content creators have not gained much from such a big market.

COS will use decentralized traffic distribution and decentralized distribution of revenue to discover high quality content which has been overlooked on centralized platforms and make it more valuable.

At the same time, COS will also use decentralized mechanisms to filter poor quality content and help good content creators make a profit while improving the overall quality of the content industry.

The future of the content industry belongs to content creators. Their interests and rights will be protected by laws. COS will use blockchain technology to improve that protection.

COS aims to be the world’s No. 1 content public chain and will keep updating the COS circulation scenario while improving blockchain technology in the future.

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