released Bounty Program, and Trade mining will be launched soon


August 23 (Singapore time), ( is preparing to launch its trade mining mechanism. For building up a better community and rewarding early-stage community contributors, ( launched the Bounty Program firstly, and will announce “Trade Mining Rules of” very soon.

At 15:00pm August 24, launched the bounty program, paving the way for the upcoming trade mining mechanism.

Trade mining is a platform transaction-based personal transaction fee refund mechanism, which was proposed and implemented by the digital asset exchange Fcoin in June 2018. This action attracted large amount of participations even triggered a cyber financial battle.

The bounty program consists seven major tasks, including: friends inviting, first-time trading, forwarding and sharing, vlog reviewing, essay writing, poster design and translation. Users can get CXE token rewards after completing each tasks. However, don’t forget to join its telegram group ( before working on the tasks.

CXE is one of the critical components of blockchain ecosystem built by (, which including Exchange Union (such as, Mining Farms, Intelligent Asset Allocation Platform, Blockchain Media. It makes mining, data transferring, digital wallet, trading, global resource allocation become possible.


CXE makes sure that its VIPs enjoy the rights to share’s products and services, exclusive offers, campaign voting, gift redemption, mining machine wholesale, and cryptocurrency exchange. ( is a technology-based blockchain asset trading platform, dedicated to provide users with high-quality blockchain asset trading. They adheres to the core concept of “technology-driven”, and preferentially chooses blockchain assets with technical characteristics and wide-ranging use for trading. They also reinforces the security technology of the platform itself to make their core tech keeps advantage. Those things make CXE a good reputation of ‘excellent technical strength.’

Email: wenqing(at)coinx(dot)pro