CLT’s first Liquidity Mining Campaign with Bitsonic


Quick Take

  • ShowKase, CLT’s Staking Dapp, will be officially launched on 18th September 2020.
  • CLT has announced its first staking partner, Bitsonic
  • 4% of the total supply (4,000,000 CLT) will be distributed to the early contributors.

ShowKase, Source: Centralized Exchange’s Token

CLT, a De-Fi service provider, has announced that its first service, “ShowKase”, launches on 18th September 2020, and Bitsonic, Korean Crypto Exchange, will be the first partner of the liquidity mining.

ShowKase is a Crypto Staking Service Dapp introduced by the CLT team to provide liquidity solutions to centralized exchange’s token. Users can get rewarded with CLT by joining a designated liquidity pool.

How to join the campaigning pool.

When CLT team announces a campaigning token, users can simply add the designated pairs of liquidity to the pre-existing ones.

For example, the first campaign is for Bitsonic’s native token (BSC) against Ethereum.

Users add an equal dollar value of BSC and Ethereum pool to join the pre-existing pool.

Once the pair is successfully added to the liquidity pool, BSC Uni-V2 will be issued on a pro-rata basis.

BSC Uni-V2 can be a proof of contribution, and users can stake it to ShowKase for a set term to claim the reward.

What is the reward?

CLT’s initial reward offering is 4% (4,000,000 CLT) of its total supply for the first campaign, and all contributors will be rewarded based on how much they contribute in proportion.

If A contributes 10% out of 100% total liquidity pool for the whole campaign period, a can claim a total of 400,000 CLT at the end of the campaign.

The total reward will be set out prior to the campaign beginning, and the partner exchanges generally offer this.

The first CLT campaign is going to take place between 18th September 2020 and 8th October 2020 (GMT +0). BSC Uni-V2 staking term will be 20 days.