CIT-The new era of Defi


The process of decentralization continues to gain momentum, combining technology and ideals together perfectly.

The vastness of the starry sky, the steps of exploration like debris and nebulae drifting in the Milky Way. However, those small steps can change the universe. This is how a small step becomes a giant leap. And these small steps–most often very simple acts that can be done on a daily basis. In the activities of modern society, finance features the value circulation across time and space, which is the core of the modern economy and brings countless conveniences to people. Changes in the financial industry, like a handshake between the future and the present, giving you a sense of déjà vu. Finance realizes the value circulation across time and space, which is the core of the modern economy and brings countless conveniences to people.

DeFi’s coming is a prelude to good things!

In the world of blockchain, there has sprung up a lot of hot spots. Will Defi vanish as soon as it appears, just like many other hot spots?

Almost all of the current DeFi projects are being handled on Ethereum’s blockchain. Ethereum is a global open-source platform for decentralized applications. On Ethereum, it is possible to manage digital assets and run programs by writing code regardless of geography. The success of Defi lies in the fact that from the moment Defi was built, it became difficult to do evil.

When CIT-DeF appeared, the new business system for DeFi was fully redefined.

Withstanding the test of time, DeFi is unstoppable. And those DeFi projects with real value are beginning to surface, a project with the theme of “digital finance to establish the future digital economy pattern, CIT-DeFi reshape DeFi new business system” – Circulation is beginning to emerge, attracting increasing attention from market investors!

Circulation has the most comprehensive circular economy ecosystem in its grand, all-encompassing design, including: decentralized lending and exchanges, digital money management, liquidity mining, globally interconnected HOP protocols, and open-source mining pools, Circulation Hall of Fame (DAO community), and Circulation Dream Machine (DAO investment and financing platform).

Lateral Token (LAT) lays the foundation for a well-centralized financial application.

Serving as the application stable currency of DeFi ecology in the Circuluation platform, Lateral Token (LAT) provides a huge liquidity guarantee for the DeFi Universal financial ecology of the Circuluation platform. In addition, Circulation provides a suite of applications and services to build a new global community, as well as mechanisms to incentivize contributors to join the community and work together, raise money from multiple sources, and make financial decisions with transparency in a more equitable, rational and effective way. circulation wants to enable new organizations to reach their full potential, free from biased justice or the control of authoritarian governments and the jurisdiction of the system.

To this end, LAT not only provides basic financial instruments such as tokenization but also creates replicable, widely applicable templates to define community boundaries and provide mobile value to contributors over the Internet without traditional intermediaries.

LAT will provide an improved blockchain experience on existing Python-based chains, including higher speed, stability, and scalability than the current architecture. Most importantly, the platform will launch interoperability capabilities to support cross-chain DeFi solutions, which are clearly the driving force behind the next wave of cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain use cases.

Circulation Token (CIT)’s stable value and connectivity to the world.

The Circulation Token (CIT), as the platform currency of the DeFi ecosystem in the Circulation platform, provides funding for the normal operation of the Circulation platform and feedbacks investment income for Circulation investors (Circulation investors can enjoy a half-yearly subscription to the CIT. Dividends are paid on the Circulation platform based on business performance and are distributed in the following formula: 40-50% of operating profit based on the number of shares held by CIT / total outstanding shares. Dividends are paid directly into the LAT, which is a direct payment of dividends under a “triple-check” policy). And it can be used for liquidity mining and allocation on the DeFi platform, as well as for direct exchange on the Circulation platform.

One of the most exciting aspects of CIT is that it contains several enhanced core features and has the opportunity to redesign some of the current blockchain features: interoperability between blockchains, including the ability to earn public chain Gas fees as a cost. CIT is a common interoperability protocol, but it becomes the standard configuration of the platform, taking into account specific initial use cases.

The process will support interoperability with other common blockchains to support cross-chain DeFi solutions. At startup, Deal will deploy all the necessary smart contracts on the compelling blockchain and will also keep repeaters up and running, but any individual or group can run a private repeater using their own toll system.

CIT holders will have the opportunity to pre-register repeaters in preparation for a decentralized repeater network. There is a minimum CIT share requirement for Pre-registration, and pre-registered repeaters will receive any inflation allocated to repeaters, as well as fees incurred for cross-chain transactions based on the amount of CIT they are mortgaged for.

The DeFi Ecosystem of Circulation Platform Creates Decentralized Financial Inclusion

In the DeFi ecosystem planning of Circulation platform, it mainly includes four sectors: decentralized exchange and its liquidity mining (HiFi Governance Token), DeFi lending, intelligent one-click investment service, and flexible savings series. The entire product chain has a clear logic, with four sectors support each other, which will help Circulation platform to build a decentralized financial inclusion and its investment and wealth management ecology.

The Most Important Core:

De-centrized exchanges, and the current traditional exchanges, are being called as “classical exchanges” by the author. In the face of centralized data servers, ordinary users become vulnerable. Data error exchange or any other malicious operations can happen at any second. Those restrictions for all the user’s behavior are definitely contrary to the spirit of blockchain. The blockchain world should not exist de-centric exchanges. However, in the ecology of Circulation, the decentralized exchange is actually to declare war to the “classical exchange” and carry out a complete self-revolution in order to follow the principle of user experience and user safety first. The security of decentralized exchange is beyond doubt, and several problems of decentralized exchange have been changed. Secondly, a multi-language version was launched, optimizing the operation process as well as simplifying the function buttons to achieve one-button operation.

Wings of Innovation:

Liquidity mining, mining to obtain equity Token——HIFI. The output of HIFI is dynamically adjusted according to the power of the mining pool, and the maximum annual revenue can reach over 800%, which is added to the liquidity: if the liquidity is provided through LAT token + ETH, then the mining power is 2 times of the normal mining pool.

In the HiFi Token series, users who hold HiFi can permanently enjoy additional renewal dividends from all mining pools. To avoid the control of giant whales on HiFi, the amount of HiFi held by a single address cannot exceed 10% of the total circulation. At the same time, if you hold HiFi, you will also get voting rights and gain profits through the secondary market to trade HiFi.


Wealth management and lending, through the CIT+DeFi mode, have massive customer demand on the product side (1/4 of the world’s people need to use global interconnected applications). Providing DeFi services on the financial side can stimulate mobility. Circulation, as an aggregated financial platform that allows inexperienced users and experienced users to participate in an easy and effective way, offers the flexibility and convenience of one-click operation. It has technical features such as storage and AI advisory. The operating model is that a user pledges ETH or mainstream ERC20 assets to obtain LAT or other stable liquid currencies (DAI, USDC, etc.). After a certain time (the customer can borrow up to 12 months, during which the metallic collateral ratio is continuously not higher than 50%), the customer returns the liquid currency to the platform and redeems the ETH or mainstream ERC20 assets pledged by them.

To Be Defi Field “Blower”, the Ecological Interconnection between Circulation Platform Defi

As the most comprehensive Circulation in the global DeFi field at present, it will become a unicorn in the entire DeFi field in the future as a technical titan. At the same time, the Circulation platform will be built into the underlying infrastructure of the DeFi field down the road. As a result, the possible opportunity of the DeFi space will all burst from Circulation in the future.

Why the Circulation platform can be a “blower” in the DeFi field is supported by the following three points on the fundamentals:

1. HOP, a distributed traffic-sharing protocol developed entirely on the basis of blockchain technology, provides services that allow users in countries/regions with restricted global networks to access the Internet without borders, and this part is technical support services at the infrastructure level.

2. Decentralized governance, untraceable: Since the server, data transmission, and nodes are all encrypted based on the blockchain, the application cannot be tracked, and there is no possibility of being completely blocked;

3. The faster you use it: The more nodes that provide traffic without borders, the faster the speed. That is, the more users the platform has, the faster the speed of the Internet becomes.

Just download the global Internet application (officially on the Google App Store, Apple App Store), and use CIT to pay for the service. Anonymous providers of services can earn CIT by contributing traffic and bandwidth.

On this basis, CIT-DeFi builds a perfect decentralized financial ecology with a precise and rigorous functional design and user-friendly interface and finally creates a decentralized consensus social ecology. CIT-DeFi has a strong internal structure and CIT-DAO governance mechanism, which is full of vitality. CIT-DeFi, developed entirely on blockchain technology, provides a fair and decentralized transaction and lending service with guaranteed security and anonymity, providing the technical and commercial viability for financial inclusion across the globe.

As a decentralized financial ecology, CIT-DeFi empowers all community enthusiasts with the huge energy generated by DeFi, gathers all community consensus forces, and invests in the comprehensive transformation of ecological construction, obtaining a new direction that adapts to market development, jointly promoting the healthy development of the DeFi field, and thriving on a strong community consensus.

In the Circulation platform, each sovereign is part of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and plays a related role. Distributed and cross-domain collaboration is the main way DAO creates value. In fact, since DAO has no predetermined boundaries or practices, the governance structure will become more critical.

Most distributed collaborators may come from different backgrounds and have no basis for trust between each other. DAO needs to establish a governance and management framework to regulate the relationship between these distributed collaborators, provide them with a fair, protectable, and easy-to-follow mechanism, encouraging collaboration within the community. In the era when the Circulation platform is more widely used, the governance level (and any other sectors) will become the most important factor for the survival, growth of new organizations (DAO, DAC, LAO, etc.).

CIT-DeFi provides a DAO platform for participants of Global Circulation to transmit, share, and exchange their future technological, philosophical, and human knowledge, providing DAO-style teaching and interaction. At the same time, CIT-DeFi provides a fair mechanism for finding quality projects and investing in quality projects in the Circulation system in the form of DAO, which allows projects both inside and outside the Circulation system to be initiated on the Circulation platform and to be incubated by DAO.

In general, the future development trend of digital finance must be on the rise. And in the future, various industries will become more networked and intelligent, and so does the digital finance field. It will certainly lead to a new form of digital finance and a new stage of development. The development of any industry is also a process from easy to difficult, from simple to complicated process. CIT-DeFi will successfully witness the successful rise of the digital finance era and become a milestone in the development of global finance.